Saudi league: Bono exits Cristiano and Al-Hilal reassesses the King’s Cup in penalties against Al-Nasr


Saudi league: Bono exits Cristiano and Al-Hilal reassesses the King’s Cup in penalties against Al-Nasr

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Cristiano Ronaldo tried by all means… But the hero of the night ended up being Bono. Al-Hilal crossed its path again and, on penalties, defeated Al-Nasr (5-4) in the final of the King’s Cup to recheck the title and finish the season with a valuable league and cup double. Cristiano, completely depressed after the match, chains two seasons without titles Since I landed in Arabia.

Nothing to boot, Sadio’s man took the first opportunity in the match to overtake the victory in a head-to-head match against Bono. However, the Senegalese forgive sending the ball over the crossbar… Luis Castro paid a high price for this. That is, in the following procedure, Malcom put a measured ball from the right side until Mitrovic finished completely free of the mark On the second stick debut the result.

The goal gave wings to the crescent, which began to rule the match at will. They didn’t have many chances to double the advantage. But they were fine with the ball and, above all, very committed to recovering after a loss.

It took several minutes until victory regained his face from the match. But, again, the lack of a toe played against them and they went down on the scoreboard in the first half. The clearest , without a doubt, was Cristiano Ronaldo in Manu Manu against Bono. It took to load the perfect Moroccan leg and style to keep the Crescent on top.


Al Hilal fans during the matchX

Bono is dressed as a Hurro… Except for Christianity

On the way back from the changing rooms, Cristiano mimicked the Chilean at the turn to try to draw the confrontation. But this time, the publication spat out his artwork. Bono could not do anything but follow the ball with his eyes. It was completely sold out.

The victory was going to continue the uphill game mode. That is, after a large counter of the Crescent, Ospina saw red He took the ball with his hands from Malcolm outside the zone at 10 o’clock at the start of the second quarter.

The Crescent has several opportunities to judge the match To the backlash that he was not able to take advantage of. He gave life to the victory in the last few minutes and, After the expulsion of Al-balaihi,Ahmad Furze frees her to the edge of the opponent With a head in a small area… What a vein to throw in! Coulibaly, in addition, saw red before the final whistle And he left with a nine of his own.

The victory would have earned an extra life And he had numerical superiority in an attempt to tilt the game in his favor. However, the troops began to falter, Al-Hilal fought back and could not avoid a penalty shootout. All, Bono stood out as the hero of the night Stopping two maximum penalty kicks allowed Al-Hilal to re-check the King’s Cup. Cristiano will have to keep waiting until he can play Metal in Arabia.

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