Salmon and lentil paste, kochurashvili’s secret, the Georgian lung that threatens Spain


Salmon and lentil paste, kochurashvili’s secret, the Georgian lung that threatens Spain

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Giorgio kochurashvili, ‘Kocho’, being one of the best players in the European Cup reveals. It may seem surprising to many but in Spain there is already a city that knows very well how this midfielder plays. Valencia knows the player well.

‘Kocho’ reaches the lower categories of Levante in 2019, When he was still 20 years old. After two seasons in the subsidiary and a loan to castellen, this year the player was part of the first-team squad.

Their statistics in the group stage of the European Championship

The midfielder did not start the first match well in terms of playing. Both El and the rest of the team gave a picture of tension in their debut at the European Championship. But if there are two names that could have been saved from defeat to Turka (3-1), it’s mikutadze and him. From his feet came the pass that left the striker to score Georgia’s first goal in the European Cup.

Since that match, the Georgian national team has taken a step forward and managed to draw against the Czech Republic (1-1) and win over Portugal (2-0).

Of all the players who came across the midfield of Willy Sagnol’s team, kochurashvili played all three matches (all 90 minutes). And this is due to his wonderful performance in cardio. He has an average 11.67 km traveled per match, Which makes it a pulse that the French technician will use again against Spain.

For all these reasons, the Levante player who starts the season with a market value From 300 thousand currently in the value of a million.

His penchant for choosing Spanish

Javier Amaro, Our special envoy to the European Championship, is in charge of following the Georgian national team and had the opportunity to talk with him in the mixed zone of the first match (3-1 against Turkey).

Spain is always a favorite

Kochurashvili, a player from Georgia

In the conversation, he showed his admiration for Spain and explained one thing. “Spain is always the favorite,”says the player in the mixed zone.

The ins and outs of Georgia

To analyze the combined Georgian, Pablo Franco talks about ‘good nights and good goals’ with Pablo Parra. The coach was part of Lopetegui’s technical team in Madrid and coached other teams such as Getafe or saportalo. It was in the latter team that the debut of a well-known player took place. “My artistic body kochurashvili made his debut at the age of 15“, Comments the master. “It is a team that will implement the style that led to success, and it will not change anything,”analyzes Pablo.

They understand football better than many Eastern European countries

Pablo Franco, AmaZulu coach

“There have been raw materials since I arrived. They were very technical and in the club where I was they understood the game better than in other Eastern European countries.”, Pablo commented “the lack of resources is what prevented the selection from growing. But the union always supports”.

The’Kocho’ diet

If anyone knows very well where he might be Kochurashvili’s secrets are the player’s nutritionist. Emmanuel also spent good nights and good goals to talk about kuchurashvili’s food.

Lentil and salmon pasta

Emanuela, nutritionist in Georgia

He has heard many times how athletes usually rely in their diet on proteins and the same foods. In this case it has not changed. “The” Kocho ” diet is based on salmon paste, lentils and He is very strict not only with the diet“, Commented Emanuela.

You can listen to’ good night and good goals ‘ every day from 23: 00-01: 00 in the form of a podcast and on YouTube from Sunday to Thursday.

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