Sainz loses fourth place in Miami to Chico, after another inconsistent sansin


Sainz loses fourth place in Miami to Chico, after another inconsistent sansin

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LOr it can end in victory, it ends in Fifth place, After the last penalty kick of the FIA to Spain, after the conclusion of the Miami race. Carlos Sainz, Which Oscar Piastri passed a few laps earlier , but the action was not crowned by an illegal cut of the Australian , to take him off the track (which cost Magnussen several penalties on Saturday), and then Punished To rush into subsequent work and damage the McLaren wing, when he should have got rid of this competitor much earlier.

The disparity in criteria when evaluating direct actions between drivers on the network is nothing new , and Madrileo should push this time with 5 seconds applied to his last time, Who snatches the fourth place for dreslova Czech breeze (The author of Prabha based on the director), which leaves Ferrari Final five At the Miami race.


The hosts listened to the driver of the 81st car (Oscar Piastri) and the driver of the 55th car (Carlos Sainz), as well as representatives of the team, reviewed the evidence from the video

They decided that car 55 was overtaking car 81 at Turn 17 when it lost the rear end slightly and collided with car 81. The collision caused damage to the front wing of the car 81.

Let’s be clear that car 55 was the cause of the collision. In the overtaking attempt, the 55 Frein late, did not reach the rear and in the process lost the rear, with the resulting collision. Although car 81 was trying to turn around to counter the overtaking, it gave Car 55 enough space.

Given the circumstances, we consider Car 55 to be the main cause of the collision. In this case, we took into account, as mitigating factors, the fact that, except for the slight loss of rear-end control by the 55th car, the collision probably would not have happened and it would have been a difficult but good fight.

The standard penalty for a collision is 10 seconds with 2 penalty points. Therefore, in view of extenuating circumstances, a 5-second penalty with 1 penalty point is imposed.

Inconsistency in the text

Read the terms of the investigation and estimate, with phrases like. “If not for the slight loss of the back of the car”, Who only ignores the will of Carlos, we can only conclude that he entered the field of philosophy, rather than a simple car race.

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