Rocha defends himself: “the fight against corruption cannot be punished”


Rocha defends himself: “the fight against corruption cannot be punished”

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EL head Royal Spanish Football Federation, Pedro Rocha, Ensures that the proposal to exclude it from Administrative Court of tad sport) “He responds neither to common sense nor to the law, but to a political intention to interfere in a union that is being pacified.”

“We are in the euro, we have the World Cup and we will play some Olympic Games. Is there really a reason to return to chaos and destroy all this? It is an insleto and I hope common sense will prevail, ” he concluded about the dossier in an interview published on Monday Newspaper of Extremadura.

In his opinion, “it’s the world to the courses,” because they accuse him of exceeding his duties by making decisions requested by the Supreme Council of sports, such as terminating the contract of the former Secretary General, Andrew’s camps, Or that the Union will appear in the case investigated by the Majadahonda court, when “It was a cry and an obligation on this house to pursue any alleged corruption.”.

Rocha emphasizes that the proposed disqualification of the player was not expected and that he will return “once and a thousand times “to adopt the decisions he made” to curb inappropriate behaviors and, of course, to put an end to the not quite perfect phase of Spanish football.”

“The fight against corruption cannot be punished”Rocha, who insists on his innocence, assures: “I put both hands – in the fire-. I am an honest and sincere person.”Rocha assures that it never “crossed his mind” to leave his post and that time will give him the reason.

About The ‘Super Cup’ issue, Which is being investigated, specifies that he joined the federation as an economic vice-president when the contract has already begun and that the Economic Commission is an organ in which everything is approved in a” collective”way.

He also says that he “did the exact opposite” of what his predecessor did, Luis Rubiales, Such as the signing of peace with the Liga. “I like peace, unity and following a path, that football people only talk about football. I didn’t face anyone. I prefer dialogue to Division”.

Rocha does not disclose whether he will submit to Upcoming elections in the Federation. “Now it’s time to act. When that time comes, we’ll see.”He points out that he does not work with Vicente del Bosque Because the former selector is a member of a commission created by the Supreme Sports Council and is not a member of the Federation.

The president of the Russian Federation, who said that he was “very comfortable” with the king in a box Jerserkirchen Arena Watching the Spanish game , he warns that the red “To the fourth European Championship”, But with a lot of respect to competitors.

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