Rivero: “if this catches me at the age of 25 , I will need four psychologists”


Rivero: “if this catches me at the age of 25 , I will need four psychologists”

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Juan Carlos Rivero, The sports sound of Spanish television since the nineties, was through microphones Painting with Pablo Parra To talk about the choice, forty years in the profession, the qualifications he receives…

The news about the personality of Juan Carlos Rivero in recent years focuses a lot on the criticism he receives on social networks and from his professional colleagues. “I don’t care what people say, it doesn’t bother me. In fact, it even makes me laugh. What It bothers me that criticism comes from professional colleagues..”, He commented. “Mistakes are inevitable, you can lose concentration and make mistakes .”, Adi.

If this catches me at 25 I’ll need four psychologists

Juan Carlos Rivero, journalist for RTV

For Rivero, it was a relief that there were no social networks when he started. “I don’t care anymore now. But if this catches me at the age of 25, then I will need four psychologists”. “But when I go out on the street, people don’t tell me anything that appears on social media,” normal.

The Voice of choice on RTV since the nineties has admitted that this will be his last European trip. “This will be my last European Cup. I’m trying to get to the World Cup, but at 62 I’m coming to the end of my career.”, Ends.

Listen to Pablo Parra’s full interview with Juan Carlos Rivero.

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