Rhodri: “we don’t go with fear, we have shown that we can win”


Rhodri: “we don’t go with fear, we have shown that we can win”

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RAudrey arranak talks about Mbappe and what he represents in the France game. “I don’t know what they’re talking about. He’s the player he is and he can make the difference, right or wrong. It’s always a threat. France is more than for. They defend very well and are very dangerous on the counter.”

Facing the possibility of winning a great title leads to looking back at the past and the choice that dominated from 2008 to 2012. “This golden generation is a golden generation today. But they were not before. We have to build our own legacy and continue to work on it. We do not think about it and do not think about the difficult match that awaits us. We don’t go with fear and we have shown that we can win. France is one of the teams that has reached the most finals in recent years. Very difficult. But we have our weapons and we are going to take the game where we want.”

I once again made it clear that his team is the team before the individual. “I have said it many times. My view of the game is purely collective, above individual work. The victory is collective. I always practice football so that the rest of the team can benefit. My position is my favorite and the most beautiful for playing football.”

Rodri commented on Bedri’s injury and the absence of a penalty for cross. “Footballers always want to feel protected. Getting a yellow card is not up to us. France is a very strong selection physically. They rely on him a lot. We have to be strong because we know what they are.”

He talks about Morata and his possible decision not to continue with the selection. . It’s a very personal decision. I think his head is in the morning game. Whatever you decide, it’s your decision.”

Rhodri is clear about what the game will be like and the selection position. “Without Ballen, we prove that we are a very strong team. We are very supportive. The team is making a very big effort without bln. There is nothing more to see how tired we end up. If I told you…What we see. A very vertical and vertical space that gives you a lot. We have played very different matches in this European Cup. We have interpreted all the cases very well. Defense, overcoming, advantage Management…Spain is very complete. We have a selection with a lot of resources. We played with Valenta and without fear. Combine boys with experience and with youth.”

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