Real Madrid: what no one saw in the celebration of Carvajal’s goal: Bellingham’s unique gesture with a cross


Real Madrid: what no one saw in the celebration of Carvajal’s goal: Bellingham’s unique gesture with a cross

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He’s a teacher. One of the things I noticed was the details in the corridor. The ball goes where he wants. It’s only been a week, so it’s normal that he still adjusts by touch , but For a person who has seen it from the outside, now to see it up close, is a pleasure, a luxury“, He admits Jude Bellingham After personally checking the football Toni Kroos. English’ 5 ‘ was landing in Real Madrid City He soon realized that signing him was the best possible decision. There will be nowhere else in the world to learn from the greatest mentors that football has ever made.

A year later, the English midfielder took to his social networks to say goodbye to his teammate after making Addis after Euro 2024: “One year was not enough. Thank you for everything you gave to the game , it was an absolute pleasure to enjoy football, your personality as a fan and even more so as a teammate“, I emphasize. “Together, it was unfair. Enjoy every minute since you joined. You are more than ready to take control. With 20 years…”, I answered in an honest way to ‘8’ to show that respect and care have always been mutual.

The gesture that no one has seen at Wembley

Sometimes gestures speak for themselves… And do not require a possible explanation. An example of this will explain what happened at the end of UEFA Champions League In Wembley. After Carvajal’s goal, his teammates went to El , but not all of them, the others, went to cross, the one who put the cross. One of them was Bellingham, who starred in one of the match photos. The Englishman was crowned the cross after his help to Revealing to the football planet the respect that exists in the White locker room.

Bellingham approached Cross and made a gesture of putting a crown on the GermanIn recent years when it comes to making the team play from midfield. The gesture drew a smile from the German after she was surprised by the gratitude of his colleague. A video that ‘8’ shared on his social networks to show the greatness of Jude. As things stand, it is not the only gesture that the Englishman made with his partner. During the pre-season match, The German leaked a perfect ball to Vinicius racing, which ended with him scoring a goal… But before that the cameras focused on Jude , who applauds surprised by the presence of his colleague.

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