Real Madrid: Vinny Judd, unlimited partnership… And gold?


Real Madrid: Vinny Judd, unlimited partnership… And gold?

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Vinicius Junior and Jude Bellingham Two of the Great proper names of the season Corral At Real Madrid, he has settled down at the moment by conquering two titles. There are more proper nouns, such as the names of Lunin , Carvajal , ramdiger , Kroos, fide Valverde , Rodrigo, Joselu or AbrahamBut Vinny Judd has the most brilliant football treasure: Objective.

At this stage of the season, with three games still to go for the league champions, They are among 69 direct participants in 123 goals scored by Madrid. That is, they left their direct mark on 56% From white targets. The two currently have the same number of goals, 23, With English credits 12 Help and only One less The Brazilian.

In the match before A thousand erses, The two reconnected. It was in the fourth goal of Los Blancos, when a leaked pass from Jude enabled Feeney to be in a rather forked position. There was no obstacle for 7 to take out the whip with the right to beat team a Uno.

The seventh spark

He was The seventh time Between them they created a goal for Madrid. In five of them, it was the facility that enabled the striker; in the remaining two, the Brazilian’s pass and the Englishman’s goal.Both of them already understand each other perfectly, although they have not been able to play together much. They have completed only 7 of the 27 matches in which they played together, In which it narrowly exceeds 2.000 Minutes of play with both being on the courts. It should be noted that Bellingham played almost 3.500′ And I got close to 3.000′. The Injuries, Especially in the case of the Brazilian , and Sanctions They prevented Madrid from enjoying their most destructive spouse in the attack more often.

They played the whole match against Alaves. Carlo Ancelotti wanted Grease A relationship that has also formed outside the stadiums , as can be seen in the 36 league celebrations last Sunday. For the rest, the Madrid coach used the duel against Alaves as a test bed for the Champions League final, Perfecting his system of moving and interchangeable parts , the famous diamond created by Madrid after the signing of bellingma. In the last Los Blancos match, Bellingham returned to play as an inside-left and Vinny started from very open positions on the same side, but both moved freely throughout the attacking front. Actually, in my goal Fini this step was created by Right. On the sidelines of this fourth goal, both connected again to ‘change the squad’ on the play of the second, where Jude found Kamavinga After the Victorian and French defense he helped Vinny.

The Golden Ball

During the match against Alves Ermes, and also at the celebration of Ceballos in the 36th La Liga, Madrid cheered for Vinny and asked The Golden Ball For the Brazilian. The fact is that today, at the expense of what may happen in the final of Wembley, Madrid players appear in the group of top contenders for the cup, along with football players of stature Mbabé, Kane, Haaland And even a Cross To which Ancelotti He is not excluded as a candidate.

What happens in the Champions League final will have Undeniable weight At the final decision-at the end of the year-on the award that France Football. Without forgetting that this summer two major continental competitions of world football are being played , and European Cup And the America’s Cup, Where both Vinnie and Bellingham are called to shine by leading the selections Brazil e England, Respectively.

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