Real Madrid: Vinicius is unique: goals in the group stage, round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and final


Real Madrid: Vinicius is unique: goals in the group stage, round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and final

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LTwo goals of Vinicius In the Allianz Arena They make Real Madrid Face the match against Bayern Munich without a flaw and with the Bernabeu factor in your favor. In the game in which the team of Ancelotti Sweating ink and felt De Tuchel Harassing the goal of two colors. It was the Brazilian number, the first alliance with Cross Then with Rodrigo, Which put the semi-final on the huge stage that will be tested on Wednesday at the Bernabeu.

Vinicius ‘ value in the Champions League can be explained by his 20 goals in 54 matches, but even more so when these goals are broken down. Since arriving in Europe, Solari made his debut in the Champions League at home Viktoria Plzen (0-5, as of November 7, 2018) is the only player to score in all tiers of the competition. His 20 goals are divided into 10 in the group stage, three in the knockout stages, two in the quarters, four in the semifinals and the one that gave Madrid the fourteenth place in Saint-Denis Before Liverpool.

This roadmap makes Vinicius ‘ name the only one that appears at every stage of the competition since he has been in Europe. There are players who have many goals , such as Haaland and Lewandowski (41), Mbappe (34), Benzema (30)and Salah (27), But they are all missing to sign up for some tour since Vinicius ‘ introduction in Europe.

Halland, The great monster of the goal, did not see a role in his semi-final for City against Madrid or in last season’s final against Inter. (Mbappe) é He will look before Borussia Dortmund To make his debut in the semifinals and also did not see the door in the final match against Bayern of the pandemic season. In the case of Lewandowski, Since September 2018 his Lake is in the final. He did not score in 2020 in Lisbon, nor in the other match he played , in 2013 The Borussia Dortmund Against Bayern at Wembley. Karim Benzema He knows what it’s like to score in all rounds , but his goal in the final match was before Vinny landed in Europe, the goal in June 2018, against Liverpool in Kiev. And Lake Salah in that period was in the semifinals. Yes, he scored in that round, against Roma, but before Vinicius flew from Rio to Madrid.

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If we divide the scorers by rounds since Madrid Vinicius scored in the Champions League , then those who head the total are Haaland and Lewandowski With 41 points. In the group stage, the pole is the first in the group stage, with one more than 9 from city (28-27). The round of eight is Norwegian territory (12), while in the quarters the Madrid shirt appears (five goals Benzema and Rodrigo).

The number of Vinicius He broke into the semifinals thanks to his four goals. He shares this step with Mahrez and Benzema, but of them only Fini is in this semi-final and in Europe.

And in the five finals played since 2018, no one has repeated a scorer. Another challenge for Vinicius So the winner of the Bernabeu battle is Madrid.

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