Real Madrid: three golden points from Arda J. ermler


Real Madrid: three golden points from Arda J. ermler

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Arrived on Real Madrid To San Sebastian with the satisfaction of doing my homework and with a clear conscience. In fact, he can even afford to lose this match , even if he doesn’t have donkey hair in his hand, that is, as long as he’s not a sports champion, it can’t be said that he’s one. That up to the tail everything is bull and that the football is carried by the devil…The fifth

Be that as it may,


He also had to have the same opinion because the starting XI was unprecedented before, as if the match gave him the same. The fact is that the thing turned out well for him. It gave all the impression that Madrid worked so hard that the rival did not score any goals, given that he barely stepped on

Real Sociedad

. He did it once in the first half and scored a goal. And what are the things,

Arda G. ermler

, Who started playing on the right, scored when he went to the left. And leave his stamp again. He always does. Before


He scored in the 94th minute when he was on the field for only five minutes. And in Pamplona, also in the 94th minute, he smashed a ball on the crossbar from the midfield. It is a case similar to that of


. He is not in the team to achieve goals, but he makes them, as well as unintentionally. Madridismo is grateful to him, although he would also like to see him a little more.
Was the Madrid thing an impressive exercise in endurance , although I’m afraid that if he played the same in


Next Tuesday he may get upset.


He did a good job under the sticks and also


He made his debut again as a starter, despite suffering a serious foul in the first half. Of course, it was even worse for him last year , when Real Madrid won 2-0 with a crying foul that allowed him to


Dial in to have fun

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