Real Madrid: the most difficult night at Bellingham: substitutions and cramps since 60′


Real Madrid: the most difficult night at Bellingham: substitutions and cramps since 60′

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NOr was it the best night Jude Bellingham At Real Madrid. The Englishman did not have a good feeling against Bayern and at no time could he show signs of his quality. Far from his best physically, he had to be replaced in the 75th minute due to physical problems. As Ancelotti admitted at the end of the match. “I was having contractions and that’s why I had to change them.”It was a difficult night for the English footballer, for whom the lights were on and he could not shine as he expected. He also leaves Allianz without beating Bayern, something he could not achieve even with Borussia.

Now the goal is to return him to the second leg. In a week, Madrid is in the final and Ancelotti wants him one hundred percent, and then the most natural thing is that the Italian coach gives him a rest against the center. Although the White team can be declared campin, Carlito will face the match with the focus on the final. The 11-point advantage over Barra allows us to think exclusively about the Champions League.

Inflammation of the stomach and intestines

Bellingham’s cramps, a physically strong player, are most likely caused by gastroenteritis, which the Englishman suffered last week. In fact, Jude did not play in San Sebastian for this reason, although he finally flew to the match. Ancelotti had left him off the list, but he insisted on traveling on the 5th from Madrid and got on the plane at the last hour after Rodrigo’s last hour.

Finally, Bellingham He did not play against Real, but he worked normally before the match against Bayern. The demands of the Champions League, that s, took its toll on him after an illness last week.

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