Real Madrid: ten years and one day of historical curse


Real Madrid: ten years and one day of historical curse

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10 years ago and one day Real Madrid won 0-4 to the Almighty Bayern Guardiola in the semifinals of the 13/14 edition of the Champions League. This goal was a painful insult to one of the proudest clubs in Europe. Well, with it being difficult, it was not the worst. Time has taken care to show that Tom Rummenigge’s decision not to make an effort to renew the nanometer

The 39th Iro of his team was more religious than the two goals of Cristiano and two of Ramos. When he met his agent and stated:” We will not offer him a 10 million contract because Tony is not a world-class football player, ” (as he was offered shortly before to Mario Getz), the Bayern president was making history. One of the greatest football matches in history will be named after him.

Guardiola, who knows much more about football than Karl-Heinz, was pulling his hair in despair when he learned that the 23-year-old blond midfielder had made an irreversible decision to leave to prove to his boss how wrong he was in his expectations.

25 million dollars was paid by Madrid to Bayern two months later for the transfer of Toni Kroos, who had one year left on his contract. Deal.

Ten years after Madrid won five Champions League titles against Bayern Munich, it is no exaggeration to say that Kroos had a lot to do with the favorable balance of Los Blancos.

Yesterday, with Rummenigge in the box, he showed that his hierarchy is incomparable

. Only Modric, who has been dominating European football for a decade, can be compared to him.

To the usual merster in the direction of football companies this time he gave a devastating stratospheric pass to Vinicius that changed the match.

With a stroke of a pen he stopped the frantic Bayern start that was burning Madrid.

The thought of cross leaving to practice football in a couple of months is a crime, nonsense. Such big nonsense as his presence and pushing him to leave.

Tony, quit. They appreciate you here as you deserve.

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