Real Madrid regains the Endesa League and takes the National treble


Real Madrid regains the Endesa League and takes the National treble

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POr Los Angeles is going fast, without losing a single game in all the playoffs, Real Madrid won the Spanish Liga Endesa against OCAM Murcia (73-84). He has already added 37 titles , 15 of which are in the era of the Asian Football Confederation. The dominators of national competitions, The Whites were awarded all three titles In conflict and Only 20 black minutes in the EuroLeague Final against Panathinaikos prevented them from completing the perfect season. More than one person remembered her at the celebration.

Technical profile

  • 73. OCAM Murcia Basketball Club(19+21+16+17): Kaupin (2), Ennis (18), Rodions coroux (8), Sliva (12) and Diani (2) – Starting Five, St. Ross (10), Radovich (5), radebo (10), haakanson (2) and Morin (4).
  • 84. Real Madrid basketball (17+15+34+18): Campazzo (13), Kosor (4), Moussa (18), hazonga (17) and Tavares (2) – starting five -, Rudy Fernandez ( – ), abaldi (8), Sergio Rodriguez (2), Poirier (7), lol (9) and yabusili (4).
  • Referees: Emilio Perez Pizarro, scar Perea Llorente and Alfonso Olivares Iglesias. Locals Diani (M36) and Moran (M36) were eliminated with five personal fouls.
  • Incidents: the third game of the Endesa Basketball League final held at the Palacio de los Deportes in Murcia in front of 7,500 spectators who filled their stands.

Madrid closed the circuit in Murcia, where they started the cycle by winning the Endesa Super Cup. From the incandescent Palacio de los Deportes he took over the league at the first opportunity given to him. Despite his efforts, Ockham was unable to prolong for another match his laudable historical season. For the first time in history fighting for the title, the murcians fought despite not having their best interiors. They came to look at the face of Madrid at some stages of the final, but they always failed to face the potential Madridista.


At the last meeting, they decided between hzonga, Musa, at the end of the best player of the final, and kambazo. The third quarter of antoljiku and Esh by land solved Murcian hopes. The first scored 11 points, the second 10 and the third, nine plus led the orchestra. Ockham won 51-42 thanks to the inspired Innes, but ah, the moors stopped. Four consecutive three-pointers from Madrid (two from Moses, another from hezonga and one from Fako) started a partial demolition 5-24 that ended with the elimination of the match and the final (56-66 at the end of the third quarter).

Los Blancos spent a lot of time in the first half, accumulating losses due to the severity of Occam and suffering success in the Ennis hat-trick (18 points, despite zero in the last quarter). In the first half, the moors took the lead (19-17) and extended their advantage to 10 before the break (38-28). Madrid lost balls due to high pressure or defending his opponent’s changes and had to leave Yue, scoring his first hat-trick in the final after 13 failures, to save his team and leave it 40-32 at the break.

Campazzo appears after the break

At that time there was no news about Campazzo (without scoring and three losses), cut off with Ennis, and a bit of Tavares, who was difficult to find in the attack due to the defense of Diagne. ATRs are clamped with plugs. But the awakening of the base in the second half changed the Panorama. The match was resumed with a free kick after the technical for some reason on the way to the locker room, but the Argentine had already said present. He owned the crash and knew how to set the pace when Ockham went nine up.

Whites reacted overwhelmingly. They finished that partial with 34 points and only three missed field goals (7/8 on two-pointers and 4/6 on three-pointers). Too much for anyone, but not for the irreducible Occam, which was not delivered. He never lowered his arms and managed to reach five in the last period, but the removals due to the mistakes of the interiors diagen and Moran were already too much.

Three times by abaldi, a little by Poirier, some from yabusili and the teams went to 12 (68-80). Not even with a triple of Sliva, the locals could prolong the dream, dismissing their fans as heroes. It was no wonder. They made history by writing one of the most incredible pages ever on the APC, but the glory was to the Madrid Campine.

An unusual closure of the career of Rudy Fernandez at the club, who ended up lifting the trophy surrounded by Yui and Sergio Rodriguez. It seems that only the captain is sure of his continuity in the team next season. An unforgettable farewell to those who fly or retire. Another title for some legendary players.

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