Real Madrid: Real Madrid ‘put to sleep’ euro option, but does not rule out the Lille defender


Real Madrid: Real Madrid ‘put to sleep’ euro option, but does not rule out the Lille defender

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Leni euro is barely 18 years old and lasts until November. Being still young, the Frenchman has already collected 44 matches in Ligue 1 and is the undisputed number one player since the second day of this season in all competitions, so he adds another twelve matches and shows in all of them a present and a future within the reach of the chosen ones. For this very reason, Real Madrid considers the young franc as one of those contracts that will be closed, It is these players who appear and who completely fall into this category of a strategic football player.

This condition does not mean that Real Madrid will put an empty list on the table to close the arrival of the central defender. The same goes for choamini’s signature When at some point in the spring of 2022 he felt that his future was going through the Premier League and that Real Madrid was leaving. Now, the same is happening with the Euros and the signs of interest coming from England, have prompted the French club to continue riding a wave in terms of the transfer request that It is approaching 60 million euros, The amount for which Real Madrid would prefer to stay on the sidelines.

Euro terminates his contract on June 30, 2025, which puts the ball on the roof of the football player and his agent, Jorge Mendes, waiting and showing a desire to play and wear a Real Madrid shirt. It will not be easy due to the fact that in the event that euro did not leave the club where he was trained and although it is not something typical for the Madrid entity, the wait is in euro and Mendes.

The market is about to open

Although there have been months of talk about euro and other football players, the market will not start until the moment when all competitions at the club level end. The last week of May, With only the Champions League and Europa League to be played, To be the moment when the cards are shown slowly and Real Madrid and its leaders will crouch, waiting for the opportunity to appear on the scene to try to achieve The signature of one of these players is considered a reference.

While the situation goes away or not, Real Madrid continues to put the pieces and study the various options on the table with what is in Carlo Ancelotti’s squad and the players he controls, as is the case with Rafa Marne. The central defender returns after completing the transfer at Alaves and does it waiting for what may happen. Everything is open. Does not exclude his presence in the first team, As well as another possible operation, but always under the control of the Madridistas.

Rediger, melitau and Alaba were repaired, But with a logical caution that is maintained especially with the Austrian.In the meantime, the Brazilian is accumulating minutes and gaining confidence. Everything indicates that the former Porto player will return to his best since the beginning of next season. Addis Nacho opens the door for Rafa Marne, but as long as euro does not end up arriving at the Bernabeu.

In this analysis of the Panorama, many factors play a role and one of them is the identity and the House stamp that some football players who have passed through the factory have and who provide the necessary intangibles. Everything is added and subtracted and a balance is always sought within the staff. By the way, write down the name of Juan Martinez (16 years old), the center competing for the European Under-17 and who is knocking on doors. Bet on the future inside Valdebebas.

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