Real Madrid: Real Madrid pampers the unsportsmanlike: minutes of silence, messages to the injured, negotiations instead of items…


Real Madrid: Real Madrid pampers the unsportsmanlike: minutes of silence, messages to the injured, negotiations instead of items…

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LUNESCO Institute for Statistics Garca Plaza, Coach Thousands, He has recognized the good work of Real Madrid. He talks about a very superior team, even the best remembered from the history of Madrid. This model has been formed , from the strategy developed by the leaders of Real Madrid A decade ago, there was always talk about the sports aspect, in the Collective Management Office, football players are searched for and found who end up fitting perfectly into white gear. Work Johnny Calafat, Supported at all times by Joss Angel Sanchez And ratified it Florentino PrezMrs. adido, to whom Carlo always gives Ancelotti.

Luis Garca Plaza: “the differences are brutal , you can only compete with them if you are perfect”

Not everything starts and ends in sports. Real Madrid with Florentino Prez In the presidency, he always tried to go a little further than a strict attachment to the ball. A minute of silence on Tuesday at Santiago Bernabeu To recall this figure from Luis Menotti, I have proved it again. Solidarity with those who died due to severe flooding is also expressed in Rue Grande do Sul In Brazil, which has already left 150 dead victims. And this is that Real Madrid He always comes at the most difficult moments.

Menotti, Maradona…

The Madridista entity has the goodness, and has already shown it on many occasions, to be on the opponent’s side in sports combat at critical moments. About Menotti It has already happened with Maradona And with many other athletes or leaders, whose curriculum involves only being a competitor for Real Madrid. Not everything ends Ah.

Reidiger, Shortly after arriving at Valdipepas, Reveals one of those secrets that ends up captivating the footballer, who, wearing another shirt, sees how a club like Real Madrid cares about a complicated moment, usually injuries. The German recently received a letter on a cruciate ligament rupture. Simply Real Madrid He wanted to be next to the athlete.

The fate of the defender and his good work made it possible for the club and the player to share the path, but the list of football players who received that letter is extensive and none of them has any intention of a possible signing , just as there was nothing in the letter signed before Emilio butraggio.

Applause and emotions on the surface at Menotti’s farewell in Argentina

Butraggio’s speech

Sunderland player Duncan Watmore, The Brazilian Bruno Henrique del Flamengo, Defending the Cordoba David Or a midfielder from Barcelona GaffMe, they got this payment at least when they needed it. It is another way to cultivate sincerity or admiration that goes beyond sports and if he has a lot of relationship with Man.

Something that has been repeated with clubs, paying above the limit sometimes to minimize the impact that a player’s departure could mean. BA with Ceballos, Vallejo And with other less ranked football players, but who took advantage of this method to understand the difference Real Madrid The relationship.

The Paris Saint-Germain exception

In the last few summers, just Paris Saint-Germain Refusal to negotiate with Real Madrid A possible transfer , a decision that they are likely to regret in a few days when Mbappe Appear in the capital Spain. Loyalty and commitment is a feeling that appears over time, with gestures that indicate the existence of a club and that the time for Discord has come, he draws the scales towards the Madrid team.

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