Real Madrid: Real Madrid are crying


Real Madrid: Real Madrid are crying

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N… There was a lot of unanimity in the messages from the guys from Real Madrid. Everyone has agreed on their way to express their feelings to Addis from Toni Kroos. Also very emotional are some letters from former colleagues, such as Isko alarken: “It’s a shame, my friend, but you missed the match.”

The captain writes: “You are a legend, with a heart Nacho. All the Madridistas responded to Cruz on their networks to advertise Addis.

Cross’s farewell message: “it’s not easy for me , but it’s the right decision”

“What a legend, my friend. We will miss you”. Courtois. Many attach expressions with lgrimas. “No, a legend,” he says Vinicius. Marcelo O. Varane, Some of his former colleagues, also appeal to the word legend.

Bellingham He also reacted, with a broken heart and the symbol of the GOAT, the goat in English, which translates as the greatest of all time. Ibrahim I have put tears and a white heart, very similar Rodrigo, With his bib number, that 8 this is already a legend.

Valverde’s wife, Mina Bonino, It was one of the most memorable families among the guys: “thank you. For the sake of your football, for your dedication, for your values and for the love and care of my husband. You are a wonderful person for us and we love you very much. “”The best midfielder,” says Lucas kaisaris. “Antonio, what a legend”, Asensio’s comments With three hearts.

Carvajal’s speech

Carvajal responded on his own networks to the announcement of cross With a very emotional farewell message: “I didn’t expect to write this farewell letter so soon, but I want to take this opportunity to express how much I appreciate you and how great you are both on and off the court. You are so loved by everyone, a real man In every sense of the word. It was an honor and a privilege to share these moments with you,” says the side.

“I always remember with pride that I was lucky enough to play with Toni Kroos, and somehow tell my children everything that we achieved together on the field. Thank you for everything you have given to the team and for being a constant inspiration to all of us. But it doesn’t end here, we have one last task together to have the best possible farewell… Let’s go to 15″, concludes Carvajal.

Lucas: “how you fucked me”

“How you’ve fucked me. One of the greatest perks of my career was playing alongside you. How many moments together and how many check. You are a white legend, my friend. I wish you the best. To last together what an honor!. It gives you health. I will miss you so much, my friend Mo!”, Lucas writes on his social networks.

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