Real Madrid: Real Madrid academy man


Real Madrid: Real Madrid academy man

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ALex Jimenez became the football player R. cord de Valdebebas. 5 million euros (can be up to seven for variants), which he paid in Milne For a white youth player, it is the highest figure that the club pays for the signing of a product from the White factory , which He never progressed, not by a long shot, in the first team. They are not accurate with older people, a circumstance that often tends to be the thermometer for estimating cantranos.

The case of the winger is very curious, because his high citation led him to make history within the Madrid factor. He did not play or make any first team appearances. His time in Castile was short-lived. Only seven games in the first subsidiary, As a maximum reference for other teams.

The fact is that the ward always excelled in the lower categories, but the character sometimes betrayed her and played against her.

His departure from Milan last summer was already a solid bet for the Italian team , which has now doubled, closing a millionaire deal for a football player despite He has already made his debut in the first team of the Lombard club, In Spain he did not move from the first league.

Real Madrid, like no one, is aware of the potential that Lex Gimenez has. That’s why he kept Options for repurchase, registration and participation in a possible and future transfer. In fact, they consider it with Fortia (You can search for the team’s first tour this summer) and Two files (On loan to Bayer Leverkusen) they are the full-backs with some chances to wear the shirt of the Real Madrid first team.

Jose A. Garcia

The money is going to keep coming through the quarry into the club vaults, as In the next few days, Antonio Blanco may be transferred by Alaves to Fiorentina. The operation that may be left in the club Bank, post 6 million euros. The deal is very close to closing, as well as The departure of Rafa Marne, either to Napoli or to the Bundesliga club. Here they will be 12 million euros The one that the center left.

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