Real Madrid-OCAM Murcia, historic Endesa League final


Real Madrid-OCAM Murcia, historic Endesa League final

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Real Madrid and OCAM Murcia play Endesa League grand final As of next Saturday, June 8th. Being a historical series , since it was never measured at that stage of the competition, it is the first in the University and could be the 37th for the white institution in a cycle in which they won Supercopa, Copa del Rey and fell in the EuroLeague Final to Panathinaikos at the Ober Arena in Berlin. The Asian Football Confederation disagrees, with OCAM unleashed after Martin karpina demolished the impregnable Malaga on three occasions.

Bombazo! OCAM Murcia Toumba onyekaja in Carpena and meets with Madrid in the final

The final Start at 20: 30 at the WiZink Center. It does not coincide in time with the struggle of Movistar Estudiantes, the other big club in the city, in the semi-finals of the Leb Oro. Schoolchildren will open the final four against Tizona Burgos starting at 17: 30 p.m. at the Madrid Arena.

Upon arrival

Madrid arrive unbeaten in the endisa League qualifiers. In the middle, of course, he fell in the EuroLeague grand final against Panathinaikos and escaped the dream of the twelfth. But in the national competition they swept the Dreamland Gran Canaria (2-0) and the eternal rival, Barcelona, with a score of 3-0. They are the favorites, the lady with the court factor in their favor. If Unicaja had passed, they would have started abroad. This does not happen with the victory of Ockham.

The students, meanwhile, are celebrating.. They made good that deca data that the jams were coming back 2-0 or 0-2 in the ACP playoffs and they predicted a whopping 77-0 in the balance. Occam, too , is one of the great revelations of Caja San Fernando from 1996 or TEC Manresa historic from 1998.


In the balance among the finalists, there is positive news about Okam. The murcians defeated Madrid in the second leg from Murcia in the regular league (73-61). Although an immediate precedent was White triumph over Cito Alonso In the knockout stages of the Copa del Rey (84-79).

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