Real Madrid: Mateus, Di Stefano’s child


Real Madrid: Mateus, Di Stefano’s child

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Madrid and the Madridistas. By name Enrique Mateus Mancebo, From the neighborhood of Delicious. Of the 43 goals scored by Real Madrid in the 17 European Cup finals he played, only four were signed by a player born in the Spanish capital. The first was from Matheus Before Stade de Reims, On 3 June 1959. Then came Serena (1966) and RAL (2000 and 2002).

Mathews ‘ goal at the Stuttgart neckarstadion came barely a minute and a half into the final match. This was the first goal in the European Cup final until 2005 Paolo Maldini Mark for Milan, against Liverpool, just 51 seconds before the end of the match.

To put a name for this goal in the first final that is repeated , because it was the same name from the first version , we can talk about a goal Viverici. “It’s in the dictionary. It’s obvious, because of my physical constitution, ” he said in an interview with Mark, when he had already closed his shoes and was a coach. And what does Ray say about that trait?: “Dilapidated, skeleton, tapping, carved.”

Fourth European Cup (1958/59): Real Madrid 2-0 Stade de Reims

Son of the quarry

Matheus He was what we call a white Blackbird today. Because the first team came from the quarry, in addition to ultra. On March 4, 1954, he was first seen with the elders. She was friendly before Las Palmas In Chamartin: 5-2, with three goals of his own. I immediately got my head in with the stars and this Madrid season closed it with a friendly match against Athlete To celebrate the expansion of the room: 5-4. Opening sign Stefano says, Zara closed it and along the way the 19-year-old named Mateus mark three times.

Little by little he was gaining weight in the team, which reigned in Europe again and again. On November 1, 1956 he made his debut in the European Cup, in a 4-2 Al Rapide, The match is in front of Santiago.

Porro Di Stefano

Matheus He was a great friend of Stefano’s. Blonde Tom Al Skinny Lower your protection. I learned a lot from the Argentine both on and off the court. “I am a friend of my friends, at the top and in misery,” was the motto of Matheus. And the belief that he has friends on both sides.

With Stefano says Alongside him, he won 13 titles achieved with Madrid, including the first five European Cups. The 1959 final was among the best memories Viverici. For the sake of the goal, of course, but also for something that happened after that. In a quarter of an hour of the match, he clearly fell into the French Rhea Matheus. No doubt in German Albert Dosch. Penalty. There was nothing about the pitcher either: Alfredo Di Stefano. But to the general surprise, we shot him. And the fall of Lou.

The death of Raymond Cuba, the Little Napoleon of Real Madrid

After the great goal he scored with the outside to open the scoring, madrileo was elated. That’s why I asked a Stefano says Throw it. He told her that the renovation was being played and that two goals in the final would make him a star and everything would be easier. The arrow gave way , although I warned him of the qualities of Colonna And that Mrs. falla should register.

At rest, Antonio caldern, The Madrid manager, came down to the locker room to scold them for the action. “Dedicate yourself to selling tickets,” replied Di Stefano, who two minutes into the second half saw a 2-0 from the fourth. That s, for all the rest of the final, Matheus had to endure Gunn Stefano says For a missed penalty.

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