Real Madrid: Madrid renews two of Ancelotti’s key men


Real Madrid: Madrid renews two of Ancelotti’s key men

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EAmong the many secrets The success of Real Madrid In the last few years there are two no less important ‘hidden’. They are Antonio Pintos and Luis LopesTwo pillars Ancelotti’s technical staff That Madrid renewed the contract. Two ‘brains’ who became the main men of the Strategic organizational structure of the club At the level of planning, material, technical and technical organization.

They were signed on the sidelines of Ancelotti’s artistic body, but they are already from the Italian artistic family. Both contracts were terminated and renewed. As in his signature, they also did it apart from the rest of the members of the artistic body, including Carlito. That is, both Pintos and Lopes are Club heritage They are not tied to Ancelotti’s future. If the Italian leaves, the two will remain at Real Madrid.

The success of the past seasons also passes through them. Two geniuses in their plots that were definitely important in the cascade of Madrid titles. Pintos together with Maestra led the physical plot of the White Group and not only raised Lopes Courtois To the status of the best goalkeeper in the world and managed to perfect Two-color performance The season ended recently, but it is an added value in strategy, preparation of matches and reading the game. For all this, they are Two major renovations With Madrid he closes the circle of the technical staff, after the expansion of Ancelotti last December and the rest of his collaborators: David Ancelotti, Francesco Mori, Beniamino Fulco and Simone Montanaro.


The club strengthened the artistic body in 2021 to restore two main characters in the first little gold of Zizou: Antonio Pintos, To take charge of physical preparation, and Luis Lopes, A complete technical Gore hiding behind his status as a goalkeeper coach. A couple of stellar engagements in the new artistic body designed by Madrid for 21-22 who independently arrived at Ancelotti. The club considered his contract strategic and integrated it into the technical body of Carlito , who, together with his son Davide, was relegated in second place and with Francesco Mori , Beniamino Fulco and Simeone Montanaro As assistants. The BET in general could not be brighter because since Real Madrid the stars have had three historic years with Nine titles, Two champions and two leagues in between.

Bentos: signed by Zidane, released by Zidane

Pintos was Zidane’s first signing on 16-17, His first full season as coach of Madrid after coming to the bench in the middle of the 15-16. The technician, determined to give a twist to the physical plot, is the Italian physical trainer fish, whom he has known since his time at Juventus. Pintos took over the reins of Madrid’s physical preparation in a season that will end with a historic Champions League double. Despite his merits and the great working connection that is forming with Zidane, It will be G himself who fired him in 2019 After three seasons at Valdebebas. The technician did not like that the Italian physical trainer stayed after his departure in 2018 and on the way back he passed bill despite the fact that together they starred in a small victory at Real Madrid. Dispensing with Pintos and fish by Gregory Dupont, And then in the material plot controls in the French national team the world champion.

Antonio Pintos He will return in 2021 as the head of physical preparation of the first team and responsible for the preparation methodology of all football teams of the club. Madrid never forgets their great work and as soon as Zidane left the first thing he did was to get it back. Now he did not hesitate to extend the contract And continue to stick to him Successful work and Physical Planning.

Lopes: much more than just a goalkeeper

Lopes returned to Madrid in 2015 to strengthen the work with the goalkeepers of ‘La Fabrica’ after the very first stage he fell in love with Arrigo Sacchi The methodology of his work. At the second stage that Gan was this time for Zidane, Who never failed to be promoted with el when he took over the first team in 2016. Keylor’s ‘Finder’, Worked together with him on the triumphant first stage of G, who wanted to have him also in his little second. But Lopes at that time was in Real Sociedad And it won’t be until 2021 when his return to Real Madrid is confirmed.

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