Real Madrid: Lunin, Courtois and Kepa: a privilege, not a problem


Real Madrid: Lunin, Courtois and Kepa: a privilege, not a problem

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They say that Carlo Ancelotti has a problem with the goalkeeper, because He has all three goalkeepers at his disposal. I must be somewhat obtuse , but I see that she Great advantage and not as a problem, If you analyze it in a little depth. If it’s for a cafe chat, this topic gives me a little more of a game, but that’s as far as it goes. If we think that the starting goalkeeper of the Champions League final is going to

To put public opinion or published opinion in the Ancelotti alignment , we live in Inopia

! That is, in ” absolute ignorance…”(Ray) Ma Carlo har.
I think we are facing a strange situation, but in favor.

The worst thing for Madrid is his arrival with the three injured, this will be a real sporting problem

. It is a state that will give for discussions, and if we conduct a survey, everyone will make a decision, but that’s all. And since we are generally results-oriented, whatever you do, if you win, be a genius and if you lose, be a drama.

Ancelotti is going to weather the matter well in the press room, in the dressing room and in the club

. Previous stresses do not affect him too much, look for his intuition and he will put the one who thinks he can solve the situation better, period. He has Courtois, who agreed with almost everyone before the accident that he was the best in the world, coming out of a long injury. To Lunin who tends not to succeed in his multiple tasks and to Kepa he was urgently recruited to fill the abyss that presupposes not to see the Belgian giant under the sticks.

After several games he gave the final stripes to two colors

Against all odds. Kepa had more ranks and experience, he was the Chosen One (on loan) while Courtois was recovering from his injury which was several months away due to its severity. Then it gets worse with a relapse. And as long as this happens,

Kiba disappears and Lunin grows to the point of being a kitten on several occasions

. One important match remains for Real Madrid, the most important match of the year, the Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund, and Carlo has three great goalkeepers to choose from.

Where is the problem with Porter?

This will be a professional decision, no matter how bad it is to appeal to justice, merit, punishment or stripes. He takes these to Ancelotti and I have a feeling that he has Decision problems in other lines of his team than the goalkeeper. This is very obvious to him, although logically he will not say so until the protocol of heroes obliges him.

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