Real Madrid: La Liga does not want to play at the Bernabeu


Real Madrid: La Liga does not want to play at the Bernabeu

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The heads of many of those who came to the Bernabeu were set on the Bayern merkols, starting with Ancelotti and his squad with only two rookies. However, no one is bitter about the sweet in the form of alerne at home. That is why it would be convenient for Javier Tebas to explain why Real Madrid was deprived of the possibility of celebrating the (possible) League title with 72,654 fans

The picture that filled the White Colosseum. Does it really cost so much to delay the Real Madrid-cdz two and a quarter hours or to pay Girona-Barcelona to make them coincide? There was also a simpler solution: to change the order of both matches, the schedules of which were announced on April 10.

You just have to have the will to find a solution to take care of the product, as they did the day before by offering the meeting with Real Sociedad before the end of the Champions League semi-final. It is possible that the president of the Liga will use TV rights as an excuse to justify this, but in the case when two time periods are interconnected, it’s hard to believe.

The reason to look for more may be in the bad relations between the Liga and the White club; that some did not offer it and others did not ask for it either, because no one is planning a possible change for Movistar and DAZN. Another example is that decisions in Spanish football are often settled according to the criteria of permanent calculation, where personal vanity is put before the public interest.

In the end, the one who loses is the Madrid fan in particular, who was left without the possibility of enjoying a live party at their stadium to celebrate the 36th league, and the national championship in general, whose image is being questioned again.

The difference between the Champions celebrating the recently won title at the CSPI club or in a restaurant at the stadium watching Girona is a wonderful bar. This is an ugly detail that needs to be taken care of.

There is still a lot to improve in Spanish football, not only in the Federation.

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