Real Madrid: ji ermler: “I worked not only on the physical side , but also on the mental side”


Real Madrid: ji ermler: “I worked not only on the physical side , but also on the mental side”

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Arda G. ermler He showed in Anoeta that he has a lot to pay dearly in football: Objective. At the end of half an hour, the Turk scored his second goal as a Real Madrid player, barely playing with him 98 mins Before being released as Incumbent On the real scene, the 33rd round of the league that Madrid has on its way. So much that Carlo Ancelotti He repeated only two pieces regarding the triumph in Classic, Where J. Amler did not even have a few seconds.

RiveroThe brand name

He did everything quickly , burning at Anoita, as The first yellow He sees as a Madrid player, who arrived at the minute 16 To protest. The man on the field also has a volcanic character, it has nothing to do with the calm, calm image that he conveys in training and even at matches. The former Fenerbahce player protested a foul that was not indicated and that was about to cost Madrid a surprise, even with 0-0. Lying to The right band, He showed from the very beginning that he has a football in his head. Well-oriented controls, first unpacking when necessary and even class quirks like the forced ones Javi Gal To grab him when he was leaving the San Sebastian side after letting the ball pass between his legs, an action he probably saw Vinicius To perform in The Union In the Champions League 21-22.

He always asks about the ball, his shyness does not go with him with the ball in play. And his comrades noticed , and it seemed to him much more than War veterans As Ceballos Or Ibrahim. The responsibility for assembling the offensive game often passed through the left boot of Jay ermler, as he always played with a changed leg but appeared on the other side to take advantage of Carvajal climbing the cleared lane and hesitating Zobeldia. At first, he slipped between the legs of Remiro To make his second goal in white. In just two hours of gameplay, which is said soon.

Turk, happy

“I would like to congratulate my teammates and also thank the coach for giving me this opportunity. I am very happy, this is the best club in the world and I am happy to be here. The quality of the players is incredible.”, The player commented on Real Madrid TV.

The development of J. ermler is obvious and speaks of what he worked on to compete at all levels, not only at the physical level. “I don’t just work on the material side, Also mental. I’m calm, waiting.”

“The Champions League is always Real MadridI hope that we will get a good result and bring an advantage to Madrid,” he said about next Tuesday’s match against Bayern.

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