Real Madrid: it’s not worth looking for explanations


Real Madrid: it’s not worth looking for explanations

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If we look for the mathematical explanation of the latest miracle at the Bernabeu , one of them may be that Tuchel mitti defends to defend what he had and that Ancelotti put Balfour to look for what he did not have.
But is it worth looking into the football arcana to explain something that is not exactly Football? The frequency of unusual events at the Bernabeu goes beyond the sporting event. Mader

The ID has returned again and that’s it. We don’t have to think too much about it.

Bayern was applying the recipe of Real Madrid’s grandparents to Madrid

But what Madrid did was double the bet. He overcame the Bayern goal, did not lift his knee on the goal that was nullified by a mistake from Nacho and in two plays that were more to reshape the board than hilar Vino destroyed Bayern.

Joselu I put the spoon in a ball that does not hold noir

And I was back with the CAA on the Rudiger corridor that needed NASA technology to solve that it wasn’t an intrusion.
Madrid was as close to the limit as on any of the other unforgettable nights that everyone lives in their heads.

The players and the entire court enter into a trance

, As if they were devastated, and they take the milk out of the bottle.
It is something as presumptive as ski jumps on January 1 or any other annual event repeated on schedule.

The Bernabeu miracle is a reality that we must assume as it is assumed that tomorrow will be


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