Real Madrid: he will go for free for Mbappe: he will be presented next week with Real Madrid


Real Madrid: he will go for free for Mbappe: he will be presented next week with Real Madrid

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DAfter many years of analyzing gestures (specifically since 2017), statements or intentions, the long-awaited moment is already on the horizon. The mechanism of Killian Mbappe’s offer is already underway. He’s unstoppable. The Franks He is scheduled to appear in the Spanish capital next week To sign his commitment to the White team And to be introduced as a new player at Real Madrid.

Mbappe smiled when asked about the Champions League final

The leaders of the Madrid club wanted to get away from something that points to the evidence during these months. What happened in 2022 prompted them to move differently And especially the lack of recognition of any movement in relation to the character of the PSG player. Once the football player and the officials of the Parisian club found a point of agreement for Addis, Mbappe already has a clear way of being considered a new player at the White club.

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The striker is already focused with his choice To prepare for the European Cup. The following merkols He has a friendly match in Metz against Luxembourg Everything points to Mbappe’s relegation Thursday, June 6, Also taking advantage of the fact that Deschamps himself had been suspended a few days earlier, and that he would like everything to be decided before the start of the competition.

Madrid seeks historic bid for Mbappe

In recent days The attacker was maximally relaxed, With the recognition that everything will be official soon. S, He never mentioned the name of Real Madrid, But what he did was sign an autograph on the White Madrid shirt, a circumstance that has not happened in recent years.

Deschamps and the possible offer of Mbappe with Madrid: “we will adapt as much as possible”

The meeting that many have sought and that dream that Kylian Mbappe himself said in DA, will come true next week. Before Real Madrid wants to measure the details and is looking for a presentation that will make history, At the Santiago Bernabeu that no longer impresses only with its football field, it has also gained respect in the world of music and entertainment.

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