Real Madrid: footballers like Kroos are no longer manufactured


Real Madrid: footballers like Kroos are no longer manufactured

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I’ve wondered a lot What will happen if the Vienna Philharmonic plays a day without a conductor. We’ll check it out soon. Cross-cross was more than ever and decided to leave completely, In order not to leave a bad memory in memories or in video libraries. She leaves him even though she knows she can continue. Keep winning. Keep having fun. Keep hitting short passes that every m…

Undo thinks he can give but he only gives to

And give a delicate long environment to the foot like a grandfather who takes candy from the grandson’s ear and never gets the trick

. You can, but this will be a policeman’s discharge and Tony was always nervous.
Kroos is not going to leave a gap on speed, because Madrid will continue to play with eleven, but it’s a vacuum.

And the void is more difficult to fill than the gap.

Because if one glass breaks, you buy another glass. But this absence is not material.

And football players like Toni Kroos are no longer manufactured.

There is no point in the club searching the market for a replacement, because there is nothing. There is no MS disease like L anymore.

Walker on the sea of clouds

He turns his back on us , as in the painting of his compatriot Caspar David Friedrich,

We only see the fog where the view was cleared.

Next season Ancelotti will have a team designed for speed, to turn matches into hell for rivals, exhausted before the Madridistas start sweating.

After the Real Madrid match next year it can be like getting on the treadmill and getting up to the speed of the Kipchoge

. It’s not that you don’t last 42 kilometers, it’s that at an altitude of 200 meters you can hit the machine. But the normal thing is that very few brave people accept his pulse and the eggs hit the wall every week.

And here it takes a second of calm to look for support points to climb the wall instead of continuing to try to knock it down with heads.

The Madrid post cross will know how to run, but he will have to relearn how to walk.

It is this break that the team may miss next season. When the game crashes and the player with the ball stops, scan the horizon and look for ten teammates, but miss one.

Similarly, Modric, who has been with Tony all his life, still feels his energy and gives some pass to an empty space of players

. To the place where I should be.

To the place where his white shoes will never be again.

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