Real Madrid: euro is getting closer to Real Madrid


Real Madrid: euro is getting closer to Real Madrid

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Lenny euro is selected by Real Madrid To complete the snapshot of the central stations of the upcoming season. The dialogue between the leaders of the White club and the leaders of Lille intensified and optimism was expressed in finding a point of agreement with a logical amount, far from those hundred million with which Lille fell in the first months of this year. The number may be about 40 million euros, With some more money in the goals to be met.

With Nacho already out of the White discipline and with Rafa Marin on his way to sign new players, Melitau, Rediger and Alaba (pending his full recovery) They are the three backs that Ancelotti has to practice 24-25. VAlejo has a valid contract, But at the moment it does not enter into the plans, although if the operation does not take place before July 15, to start the season on the orders of the Italian technician.

Euro and signing with Real Madrid: a matter of time and patienceGus Felix Daz

All this without forgetting the option tShumini , who although it is clear that his position is a midfielder, Ancelotti will return to draw him as a center, a demarcation that the Italian believes is well suited for football and his physical strength.

One year of the contract

As we have been reporting for the past few months, Real Madrid decided that the one chosen to complete our development from the Central teams was Euro (18 years old), Who has already returned to training with Lille, waiting to be able to formalize his departure from the franc club, as it seems clear that he will not renew the contract that expires on June 30, 2025.

The decision of the entity and the player coincide at the same time. And although there was no hurry to close the operation , what they wanted to clarify in The last contacts that have been preserved are that the only alternative that Lil has He is trying to reach an agreement with Real Madrid due to the desire of the central defender to play at the White club.

Over the past week Manchester United returned to the charge for the Euros to become Varane’s replacement in the center of the back of the English team, but The answer obtained was the same as that obtained by PSG or Chelsea“I’m sorry, I want to play for Real Madrid,” an adverb every day is clearer for all parties.

Step up for Rafa Marin

Although the decision comes from afar, the final push has come with the almost closing of the convention in the National Centers (it has already been recognized in Italy) and Real Madrid to transfer Rafa Marin, including the option of repurchase by the Madrid entity. It would have been possible to hang something euro and strategically sign it, if the young player’s choice had gained strength, but White technical reports always talked about the need to climb a step on the competitive ladder.

With Rafa Marne in the new National League, there will already be two full-backs coming from Real Madrid in Serie A. Mario Gela arrives in Lazio in 2022 And what is now beginning to be his third season in Italy. Alex Jimenez, In this side case, he is another football player who trained in Valdebebas and had to emigrate to Italy to find wealth and housing.

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