Real Madrid: David Ancelotti’s insistence on a change of plan against Bayern: “Matillo…”


Real Madrid: David Ancelotti’s insistence on a change of plan against Bayern: “Matillo…”

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David Ancelotti, The son and the second in command on the organizational chart of the Italian coach, was The art of the decision that changed the direction of the party In the Santiago Bernabeu To achieve qualification to the final of UEFA Champions League After the elimination of Bayern Munich. “This is the Real Madrid Football Club”, Summarizing the tweet from Movistar + Where one of the key moments of the playoff match is analyzed.

It all starts after a goal Alphonso Davies, The one who arrives when The White team completely dominates the match and ends up changing the plans of the technical body. After passing through the tunnel of the changing rooms, Ancelotti was sent to warm up Modric, kamavinga and Ibrahim With the idea of having them ready in case the battle requires them to enter the center. The minutes passed, and the chosen 11 performed to perfection on the green… What prompted Ancelotti not to move a piece. In the 58th minute, with 0-0 on the scoreboard, ’14’ joined the warm-up with his teammates. However, it would not be until the 69th minute, coinciding with Bayern’s goal, that Madrid made its first two changes: Modric and kamavinga.

David’s insistence

Midfielders entered the field to replace Cross and chumny… And in the 71st minute mark Madrid. A goal that was canceled due to an error from Nacho to kimish. Minutes passed, Ancelotti’s men closed the opponent in his zone, but the ball did not enter. Ah was when… David Ancelotti The light bulb went to find a solution for the defensive framework of the Bavaro team. Tuchel’s men defended comfortably inside the area because Madrid lacked a pure ‘ 9 ‘ that made the central defenders uncomfortable. And to fulfill this function the best is Joselu. His height (1.92) and great finishing allow him to annoy defenders. It’s easy to make a hole and find the best position to find the auction.

Ferdinand Madridista more than Bernabeu: I went crazy with Joselu’s second goal!

“Joselu, Dey.”, They hunted down Movistar + cameras. Then it follows, Ancelotti proceeded to warn Joselu, Who was warming up in the band. Decision on the history of Real Madrid. The persistence of the second player was the key to changing the direction of the match and getting the final ticket to Wembley: “he is a player who has contributed a lot to the team. It is a perfect reflection of what this template is. He contributed a lot without losing confidence and enthusiasm, like many other colleagues“, Admits Ancelotti after the match.

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