Real Madrid: Courtois, once again at the top of his game


Real Madrid: Courtois, once again at the top of his game

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A lot of things were seen in this Madrid-Alaves It was a game where nothing was played. Well, Madrid, S. A. Firstly, honor, because of playing in Bernabeu And then, continuing without losing any match , continuing to score goals , being able to make pechichi Bellingham If possible. And that players like Courtois and melittau Go pick up the rhythm of the games , although you can not complain

The Madrid ass of the performers of those who occupied their positions.
He can check


But this is also what training is , which


He came back through the big door. He’s getting back in shape. Keep the goalkeeper to zero, stop taking bread and get wet to the level of the ball from


That was sneaking up to the side of the pole.


He seems to be going a little slower in his recovery, but as long as Nacho plays like he does there’s nothing to worry about


It was not a match in principle for Madrid to win it overwhelmingly, but they soon made it 1-0, went into the second half with two more goals, and then Alaf threw in the towel and Madrid gave him to flourish. And the goals of multiple sclerosis.


, Which made it 1-0 , could have done with Pichichi had he suggested , but instead of scoring more goals I preferred to give them, one for


And another a


If I didn’t score more goals it was Madrid because


He is trying very hard to find


, That when he is not feeling well, he is not. On the other hand, as this saying says that something has water when it softens , the same thing happens with

Arda gler

. Once you put the thing in range, it makes you a target in the blink of an eye. In fact, take advantage of an occasion that was made in principle for


. He has something.

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