Real Madrid: Carvajal: “the season we have had is impressive”


Real Madrid: Carvajal: “the season we have had is impressive”

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Dani Carvajal Dare to look at London: “We can go up with the fifteenth.”It is not a message of arrogance and it is safe to live in a dressing room that has lost only two games and that looks very close, again, to the Champions League final.

The sound of her white dressing room has developed Dani Carvajal In the press room of Valdipepas. The second captain of the team is one of the players of the Madrid team, which has five European Cups in its history and is in a position to achieve something that for many years has been an unattainable ceiling: six Paco Gento.

This is the season in which Carvajal had a practically unknown continuity throughout his career. To his defensive work he added potential in attack that led him to have an impact in the opposite field translating into five goals and five assists.

After watching the first leg, Carvajal knows that he will have the job of either musiala or San The one who is placed on the left flank of Bayern. It was in the second half, when Tuchel I changed teams and sent Jamal to the left-handed sector, when Bayern did the Dow for the teams. A week ago, Ancelotti could not count on Carvajal, who saw the third yellow in the competition in the Federation.

His history in the Champions League: “These are very good data. I am very proud to have worn a lot of matches with this shirt. When it’s time to play some semi-finals with your people… The motivation for the match makes your level of attention the maximum. We have a football legend in front of us. To try to beat them and get to the London final.”

Orgasm on the street: “There is because we are doing a great year. We are very excited for the European Cup. We know that in the locker room. On the street they congratulate us and give us a lot of Nemo to rise with that XV. We can do that.”

Ancelotti’s value: “both Mister and his Personnel This year they are the winners of successes. For exits like Karim and Marco… We have encountered it with very good arrivals. Then came the long-term injuries and research, the data is there. We are two games away from winning the Champions League. We’ve kept our eyes open and we’ve all added up. That’s what matters to achieve goals.”

League delivery“At the end of the day we are committed to winning and when they give us the trophy we will celebrate. He is indifferent to us. We will wear it when we think it’s appropriate, and it won’t pack the title celebration. We have to think tomorrow.”

Carvajal 2004-2024: “My skin stands on end. I remember with Carew everything that I lived here. I remember that Carvajal who entered the academy and played as a child makes you free yourself and play more confidently.”

Maximum requirements: “That’s what it means to be the best club in the world. We all decided not to celebrate it, it’s not up to us. He’s the best. We will have time to celebrate the Liga on the weekend. We are very excited about this competition and that’s why we made this decision. The demand from the club makes it, that we want the lady we have achieved an impressive dkada in terms of achievements. Let’s continue to expand it from tomorrow.”

His role in the team: “It’s evolving. Now I am one of the veterans and I try to be an example. A companion through which they can see themselves reflected, and they can chat… Try to keep the kids from getting off the rails and let’s all row in the same direction. It seems that the children are closer.”

Vinicius: “He has improved in everything. By definition, physically, his maturity plays, when attacking space, on foot… He proves it. He works a lot outside Valdebebas and everything makes him one of the best in the world. Help us and give us the pass.”

Madrid youth: “A few years ago it was me. You must have all five senses in a veteran. But now young people come very prepared. He will ask them for patience. Everyone goes through a non-argumentative moment which is a learning experience.”

The sidelines this season: “We have more travel with more people inside. I contribute a lot aggressively, but we all come together. The system is adjusted to who is playing and the opponent. We all contribute from wherever it touches us. Great games are being played.”

Ancelotti’s fear: “The master is getting scared more and more. You are one game away from the final. I’m trying to have fun. I hope to see the other semi-final, you have a table with teammates. That morning I shivered, when I was doing a tour… I was talking to my wife who travels with the team without playing and having fun. I hope to get rid of everything and not waste energy on nerves.”

Goodbye tomorrow?: It’s hard to know what to do with each one. It’s coming, I have a contract at the moment. We have to enjoy every game. I wish I hadn’t, but some of them will have to live their last Champions League match at the Bernabeu. Hopefully it will be a Madridista victory.”

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