Real Madrid: Arda J. ermler’s warning: “I am 100% acclimatized to the team…”


Real Madrid: Arda J. ermler’s warning: “I am 100% acclimatized to the team…”

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EThe end of the season of Arda G. ermler It is one of the best news for Madridismo, which has experienced Meteoric return from injury hell To start showing the quality that your shoes treasure. Turkish football player It’s sweet at the last stage of the season And in his last term in the Ancelotti scheme, ’24’ saw the door again and already has 3 goals.

Ji ermler: “I’m surprised when Modric called me my brother”Sportskava

“We are preparing in the best possible way. We had a clear victory today and didn’t celebrate too much because our rival lost this category.”, He admitted after the match, before analyzing the Champions League final at Wembley: “We will try to be in the best possible shape and train as before”.

The best scoring average in La Liga

“I can say that I have a lot of confidence. I am 100% acclimatized to the league and the team.”, Alert navigators. The Turkish midfielder is the football player of the Championship who Fewer minutes are required to score a goal. In barely 255 minutes With the Merengue squad in the competition, he has already scored three goals. “He had the role he had to have. He is very young, he is beginning to show his quality. Today I took it off because he achieved, I wanted to put new legs and I wanted to win the match.”The Italian coach admitted.

This is how Arda J. ermler’s goal was against Wales

With every touch of the ball, The Real Madrid player leaves flashes of his undoubted quality. A warning to the football world to make it clear that he wants to stay in the White House: “This will be the first time for me and many of my colleagues. I’m so excited.”.

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