Real Madrid: Ancelotti and the Munich plot


Real Madrid: Ancelotti and the Munich plot

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Carlo Ancelotti He returns tomorrow to Munich and the Allianz Arena. Coach from Madrid He returns to what was his home between the summer of 2016 and the end of September 2017. In Germany, as he did in every league he passed, Carlito He was a hero. The Bundesliga It was won by RB Leipzig by a margin of 15 points.

It hasn’t been an easy season. Ancelotti arrived in Bayern To take responsibility from Pep Guardiola, With all that it means at the playing level and the organizational level.

The season, which would have been exceptional, remained in good shape in the month of April. On the 18th, despite pushing Madrid to the limit at the Bernabeu after 1-2 at Allianz, Madrid eliminated Bayern in extra time to reach the semi-finals of the Champions League. On the 26th, at the home of Bayern Munich , and Borussia Dortmund They reached the Cup final after lifting 2-1 with a final goal from Dembl. The Bundesliga, which was secured weeks ago, did not know much.

Summer came, two reliable voices came out from Bayern (Lam and Xabi Alonso) And Ancelotti wanted to change things. And this in a team with Bayern is not easy.

Veterans of the Bavarian team realized that these moves did not correspond to their way of understanding what Bayern should be. Y Ancelotti Nothing lasted in the new season. A 3-0 win at PSG (Alves, Cavani and Neymar) means the end of an era Ancelotti. There was no mercy. Sagnol arrived for the game and then Heynckes, Hat-trick coach in 2013. The eleventh of Paris was understood as a provocation. Because Ancelotti left on the bench a Rubin, Rib erkri and Hummels. Of these, only the Dutchman came, in the 69th minute, with a score of 3-0 and… By Muller. Neuer, injured, did not travel. It was easy for many to recognize the five I was talking about Honis.

Ancelotti He never spoke ill of Bayern And what he experienced in 15 months was at the helm of the club. The same has not happened since Bayern Munich. Honis said he has five veterans against him. Emschler so, since the departure Guardiola, “The team looked like the Wild West. Anything can happen.” Robin He went further: “my son trains more than we do with Ancelotti“.

It was obvious that something had broken. Also that the symbols are not always respected. Now, Amkler And the company again intersects with Carlo Ancelotti.

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