Real Madrid: an addition to The Legend of Toni Kroos


Real Madrid: an addition to The Legend of Toni Kroos

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“I was very strong, until I saw my children and they killed me.”. Toni Kroos, The Ice Man, One of the guys Mrs. Froese who remembered, Excited in his Addis to Santiago Bernabeu. It can’t be any other way because the White stadium and the roasted compayros The biggest farewell in history for a Madrid player. It was as great as his career, as exciting as football and as big as the dimensions of his legend.

Bernabeu rejects the crossover: TiVo, the last one via speakerphone and the corridor with the’ 8 ‘ on the back

He promised that he would leave at the top of his football… And we already know that Tony always keeps his promises , as on the day of his presentation with the White club: “The way things are going at Real Madrid, it is necessary to win titles and I am the right man”, Confirmed on the first day of A legacy that lasted 10 years dressed in white, Both the clothes and his unforgettable shoes. A magical farewell served as a plot to attack the fifteenth. A shot of energy and emotions that will give an additional advantage to the team at the London meeting.

I don’t want the lights… But his colleagues forced him

Cross would like to comment on Addis, but it will not work. Neither Bernabeu nor his teammates were going to allow this. Addis had him to be all high and as it was. You don’t remember Addis the same. His last conquest is a unique and unforgettable farewell. Impressive. The tribute began with the departure of teammates with 8 on their backs and the creation of a corridor through which cross passed when jumping on the field and was joined by Betis players. At the same time, the essence of the Bernabeu is displayed named after him and in the Southern background is TiVo in his honor.

Cross reveals why he hasn’t changed shoes in 10 years

Cross coped as best he could with a match in which every corner who came to throw was a tribute, with the whole corner at his feet clapping for the German. It was a moment of change and Addis poetry. Cross was leaving and his children and wife were waiting for him alive. Ah, Tony broke like never before. In the end, hugs, kisses, mantio and an emotional return to the stadium.“It’s not easy, I can only say thanks to Madridismo, to the club, to my teammates, to the stadium… I always felt at home in these ten years, I couldn’t ask for more, Ten unforgettable years have passed”Cross said on the RMTV channel.

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