Real Madrid: a white gold mine


Real Madrid: a white gold mine

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“Real Madrid, win or not, is the greatest thing that exists”. The words bear a signature Paco Gento, Honorary president and the first player in history with six European Cups, Receiving thousands of fans who visit daily Santiago Bernabeu To enjoy the reform that He turned the stadium into a white gold mine. And that the new official store of Madrid and the Bernabeu tour have become The main point of contact with fans and the possibility of living a unique experience.

Visiting the White Colosseum It has become one of the mandatory stops for any tourist arriving in Madrid, An architectural work Different from the rest of the stadiums in Europe That has changed the paradigm as we know it. It’s no longer just about watching football matches, Santiago Bernabeu has become A giant technological structure capable of collapsing all the entertainment and leisure activities of the capital. This has always been the task: Turning the White House into a kind of’ family investment ‘ to continue competing in an increasingly difficult and complex environment.

The most profitable Museum in Madrid

The first stop is the most profitable in Madrid. This temple and the mecca of most football fans recorded some impressive data in 2019: 1,300,000 visits, becoming the second most visited museum that year only after the Prado leaving behind the sofa of Reina. It is not the most visited , although it is the most useful. Some figures that will confirm the demand that the White club has been experiencing since they have built a new jewel in the crown. “Between 5, 000 and 6, 000 people are currently visiting the museum, and now it seems that there are not so many people because it’s lunchtime, but then it fills up again”, Count a The brand name An employee spends hours checking that everything goes to the letter.

As is the Bernabeu tour, the most profitable Museum in MadridAlejandro Lafuente

As it stands, the new reform aims to achieve indisputable leadership Prado National Museum, One of the most famous in the world , who broke his own record attendance last year: 3,209,285 visitors. The new Bernabeu tour It has an area of 4,250 M2, spread over four floors. Millimeter presentation of the history of the White club (symbolic Players, Awards, basketball team…) Which offered for the first time this year a room dedicated to women’s football and new spaces to see past and present history. Ademis, The tour offers educational content through a logical and engaging approach, It is equipped with Interactive screens and immersive projections.

The Tour route includes Visits to the above-mentioned museum , a panoramic visit to the interior of the stadium Stop at the most symbolic areas of the enclosure… But that so far has seen the flight reduced by restyling. The visit to the locker rooms, the speed and the press room is closed at the moment. With all this, the first stop of the white gold mine begins here. Make some approximate calculations with the number of fans entering the museum (between 5000 and 6000), The White club will be able to bill around 170.000 euros per month. The cheapest entry is located at 29 euros (5-14 years old) And Mrs. Kara ، Release Which offers a personal guide service, up to 47 euros if purchased online (50 euros at the box office). At the end of the year, it should be borne in mind that there are always higher and lower dates, The White club will be able to receive almost 20 million euros Only with the tour.

A huge store is flying… With Ikea’s strategy

However, The station that brings the most benefits to the White club is the last, One that is reached in a ‘mandatory’ manner when the round ends and another that enters from the side of the playing field at Badri Damin Street, Next to the entrance to the presidential box. Copy to IKEA’s silent and smart strategy So you can go through all the stages of the tour that lead to the official store of the White club.

A huge Real Madrid store that flies… With Ikea’s strategy

With a schedule from 10.00 to 20.00 hours daily, A store Adidas It has become one of the most visited points of the Spanish capital. “We didn’t stop for a second…”, An account of The brand name A shop worker before throwing a bomb at a huge department store has been walking at a fast pace since it opened its doors to the city of Madrid: “The average person entering the store is between 100 and 150 euros”, They confirm the figures that the official store that the White club has at its stadium is the bills. Without wanting to give exact figures… They prefer to provide a fork to highlight some dizzy characters: “Between 400,000 and 500,000 euros per day… With a peak of 3000 tickets in one day”. These are the numbers that arrive after the new Real Madrid shirt goes on sale, which ranges from 100 to 185 euros by name, backs and patches. It will be difficult for the store to keep up with this pace , but What is clear is that the profitability of the new store is beyond doubt.

Area of 2800 square meters This “offers a unique shopping experience for all fans” and has exclusive product offers, Customization area , new lines of casual and technical clothing and real accessories. In addition, visitors can enjoy An immersive digital experience with more than 40 meters of LED screens and two tunnels to bring fans closer to the White team.

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