Real Madrid: a match that can score the Golden Ball… And a special ‘guest’


Real Madrid: a match that can score the Golden Ball… And a special ‘guest’

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“It’s a battle between Vinicius and Bellingham. Let’s see what will happen in the final.”, Projection Carlo Ancelotti Before your football players jump into the speed of Wembley Into the dispute The game that paralyzed the football world. And this is the significance of the final of UEFA Champions League It is too big to LThe performance of each football player will be observed using a magnifying glass For the simple fact of it being the meeting that everyone sees on their televisions… The party is working to mark the path that will end the shutdown European Cup and America’s Cup. Ah, the Real Madrid The ’empedo’ trophy was in the white tee after the season signed by the Italian men.

Real Madrid media day: Vinny’s secret to the final, Florentino and Lucas ‘ mission “I cut the thread”

There are two football players who They judge bookmakers who analyze the current situation From the race for the Golden Ball: Vinicius Jr. and Jude Bellingham. The almost perfect picture that they have been painting all season It puts them in a situation where Toni Kroos was paired at the last minute. German midfielder He wants to perform his last dance with Real Madrid Achieve the goal that is set for your Addis: Retirement shows the world his best football. He promised that he wanted to carry to the last game and that He has caused the public to now demand for the maximum award for football at the individual level to be his. For his impeccable career and for a season in which he performed at a super level. Because a special ‘guest’ in the race for the Golden Ball He did not sign the list to put the icing on the cake of his career , but because His performance is going to allow him to go up with an award that he did not care.

The Wembley final… The struggle for ‘separate’

“This is not the most important thing for us. If we win the Champions League , there will be many Madrid players who can win it“, Explains Ancelotti when asked about German real Odds ‘8’. The Italian coach knows that the good work of his team will allow them to have several players on the final list… And this The great candidate is Vinicius Junior. The year 2024 was amazing, making a difference in important matches and showing rarely seen superiority: “What he contributed to this semi-final could be done by very few players“, Carlo explained after the battle in front of Bayern Who served for Bring him closer than ever to what is considered the best player in the world.

“I signed up to win the final, the America’s Cup, and the Golden Ball for Tony because it’s his last season. He understands that we are sad about his decision.”, Provides the Brazilian crack for Better understand what Ancelotti has tried to explain many times about the ego-free dressing room that Real Madrid has. It was probably the least common part of the football world that was so important for the White club to be one game away from achieving The fifteenth. “There is very little ego and that is a very important aspect of this team. The ego is not bad , but you need to distinguish with a personality“, Says the technician. And if you ask Vinnie, she tells you that the winner should be Jude… And if you ask Jude his answer is that the Brazilian is the best. The dressing room looks in excellent health to face the Wembley final. And after that, the battle will be for the ‘separated’.

The game is to score the Golden Ball , but not to just be It remains so until delivery. European and American Cup The other two scenarios would be where The three heroes of this story will have to compete, This time separately, so that the prize falls into his hands. Vinicius to lead Brazil that will have to fight the current world champion to achieve A title they have not won since 2019… And that they saw how Messi’s team beat them in 2021 in the final. In England, all eyes will be on Jude Bellingham , who despite his youth Be the person in charge of pulling the wagon of a young but experienced team… And that I’ve been dreaming of touching the sky again for a long time. L Cross, Who wanted to score in the last hour of the date being held at his home, is the golden opportunity to overcome the only title that he lacks. Unique scenarios for all three and let the ball decide who deserves it the most.

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