Rayo Vallecano: Falcao, on Marca: “It has been a difficult year at Rayo and now I have to travel in search of continuity”


Rayo Vallecano: Falcao, on Marca: “It has been a difficult year at Rayo and now I have to travel in search of continuity”

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Radamel Falcao Jarka Zarate (Santa Marta, Colombia, 1986) It serves the brand thanks to Enterprise Car Rental, the sponsor of the recently completed Europa League. The Colombian participated in the competition The ‘rent a player’ project in Madrid ( ), Giving an indoor soccer team a unique opportunity to join a European legend of their team for just one night.

Ask your question. How was the experience of playing a game with fans who hate you?

Answer: very glad to be able to share with little fans of football and give them the opportunity to play with those that you see in the league stadiums. It was a surprise to them. And, of course, we tried to win, as always (laughs).

S. How was the season that now ends in lightning?

A. Complex and difficult. I did not have the participation that I was used to, and I assumed that it was professionally to contribute in terms of compatibility with me. I hope to contribute more on the last day at least. We always need those goals that we lacked at some point.

P.To play… With the salvation that has already been achieved.

A: we have already received Sports salvation, we have already done the work. Nerves have played a bad trick on us on recent dates. This final was important for me because I am finishing my contract and I want to draw the attention of my coach at the America’s Cup. I’m playing a lot of things. (This interview was conducted before Colombia presented its roster for the Copa America, which happened yesterday, Thursday).

S. Is it so important to be in the cup?

A:for me the most important thing is to always be with my PAs. Whenever you can, be there. I understand that, having not played, I was not taken into account, but I always did my best, although it was not possible to be a beginner. The training remains the same.

Q: he wants to defend himself.

A. I always believe in M , I never give up. The opportunities are there and I have to take advantage of them. I want to be ready to pick and lightning.

S. The near future: where to see, in Europe, MLS, Saudi Arabia…?

A: I don’t know, but I think I’ll have to travel again. It is a time when other things will be sought, more continuity where, a place where I can enjoy these last years of professional life to the fullest. I feel good to compete on. And look for new horizons for this goal.

S. And retire to the river?

A: it is a club that I always carry in my heart. I am grateful, they shaped me as a person and a professional. River is a Mi vivida team in Argentina, as millionaires in Colombia. But now I’m focused on what’s to come.

S. Are you satisfied with what you have done in Spain?

A: at both stages I gave my best. In the latter I had no continuity, but I always gave myself, whether I played a little or a lot. But when you lose continuity, it’s hard. Come at the end of the game… And it is already difficult with the transplanted ‘bus’ of the opposing team or a very close rival. It’s not the same as if I start the accident. But I’m calm, because I always give the maximum.

P. Valikas loves him. Do you want me to follow the countryside all, in the neighborhood?

A: it would be nice to find it in the same place, despite better conditions. No Lite has to evolve with the stadiums, and if valevas can be improved, it will be perfect and good for the fans and the neighborhood.

S. How to watch Copa America?

A. Very nice, with the usual favorites, very interesting, with the promotion of Columbia, and at the right time. We hope to be champions, to get into the final group.

S. Do you see Luis Daz as a beacon for Colombia?

Rs, He is our most decisive player and he plays for a big club like Liverpool and is influential in the Premier League. Ujjal proved this at the America’s Cup.

S. And with James?

R. James is a player of the highest quality, the more he wears the shirt of the national team. He responds and has done a good job, no matter how he plays. He always contributes and gives back to Colombia.

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