Ralf Rangnick makes Austria from the outside rise by breaking his glass ceiling at the European Championships


Ralf Rangnick makes Austria from the outside rise by breaking his glass ceiling at the European Championships

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At every European Championship, there are always some selections that end with the ringing of the bell. So far this century, it is the case Turkey and Russia in 2008 (semi-final); Wales in 2016 (semi-final) or Denmark in 2021 (semi-final). That is, nothing surpasses the incredible achievement he has achieved Greece in 2004, who snatched the title by defeating the host Portugal.

Caristias vs. Portugal at Euro 2004

Caristias vs. Portugal at Euro 2004The brand name

In this edition, many teams started the tournament with a possible ‘outside’poster: Denmark itself, Turkey, Serbia, Ukraine… Now all right, Austria was submitted to the designation as one of the biggest’ cover-ups’, and after the first two matches played against France (0-1) and Poland (3-1), these feelings were confirmed In the heart of a country that has never gone beyond the knockout round.

The fact is that Austria has never been a country with great football traditions. In fact, His first participation in the European Championship did not come until 2008. Edition in which, in addition, they qualified by hosting the tournament with Switzerland. Since then, they have appeared in four of the last five releases. Evidence that the evolutionary process of football in the Austrian state, promoted by Red Bull Salzburg, is also bearing fruit at the level of the national team.

Austria’s record in European Cups

  • Euro 2008: group stage
  • Euro 2012: not eligible
  • Euro 2016: group stage
  • Euro 2021: knockout stages

They play at home

Austria reached the match against Germany without many of its best players, Highlighting the names of David Alaba, Amber Schlager or Sasa kaladjic. In addition, it is a choice He doesn’t have any great stars in his ranks As if they could combine others. However, they have A very solid base consisting of 12 players belonging to Bundesliga clubs This makes them a very balanced choice in all lines of the playing field.

Players from Austria in the Bundesliga

  • Philipp Lenhart (Freiburg
  • Philipp Moen (Mainz
  • Thurno Ballou (Wolfsberger
  • Florian grelich (Hoffenheim
  • Florian Kainz (Cologne
  • Konrad Leimer (Bayern Munich)
  • Marcel Sabitzer (Borussia Dortmund)
  • Romano Schmid (Werder Bremen
  • Nico Seewald (RB Leipzig)
  • Christoph Baumgartner (Leipzig rupee)
  • Michael grigorich (Freiburg
  • Patrick Wimmer (Wolfsburg)

They play at home, just like their coach Ralph Rangnick. Born in Backnang (Germany), his arrival on the bench for the Austrian national team made the whole country rise up to rid itself of the disappointing last stage at the club level at Manchester United.

It is an advantage in terms of experience

Ralf Rangnick, Austrian coach

“Many members of the national team play in Germany. I spent many years there too. It’s an advantage in terms of experience. I am convinced that we will be able to play a big role in the championship.”, Ralf Rangnick commented a few days before the registration for the European Cup.

The best figures of his career

As good as Introduction of ‘jigenpressing’, His Austria plays a very attractive high-tempo, aggressive and vertical football that The results are also accompanying. Since his arrival, Austria has 14 wins in 24 meetings On the orders of the German coach. It is the best winning percentage (58.3%) in his entire career. Amazing figures that aroused the interest of Bayern Munich to lead its reconstruction.

The good feelings that were conveyed on the debut against France were not reflected in the result. Something they achieved against Poland was very superior at many stages of the match. Logically, the task is not done yet and they will have to score against low passes to try to secure the pass as one of the best third passes.

Rangnick celebrates the victory over Poland

Rangnick celebrates the victory over Poland

But, as of Ah, Austria has proved that it is more than capable of breaking the glass ceiling that it set in the eighth and has become the great revelation of this European Cup. Rangnik, of course, has a clear: “We are a very difficult opponent to beat who is able to compete with anyone at a high level. We don’t come to the European Championship just to participate. We want to show what we are capable of.”

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