Rafinha refutes Mbappe / Marca


Rafinha refutes Mbappe / Marca

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EL extreme Ravinia, Are concentrated with Brazil In order to Copa America From the United States, Le record este spadova Kylian Mbappe I lost the Qatar 2022 final against Argentina, “A team from South America”, after The French said that the European Championship is “more difficult than the World Cup”.

Mbappe’s controversial words about the national teams of South America

“Unfortunately for him and fortunately for us, I lost the World Cup against a team from South America.”, The attacker confirms from Barcelona At a press conference in Orlando (USA), where canarienha is preparing His debut came in the Copa America against Costa Rica Da 24.

Unfortunately for him and fortunately for us, I lost the World Cup against a team from South America


Rafinha also mentioned another controversial statement of the new Real Madrid player, when two years ago he said that The qualification stage for the World Cup is more difficult in Europe than in South America, Where in his opinion football was “not advanced”.

I would like to see European teams play South American qualifiers at the fields we are going to


Controversial words

Months later, Mbappe will lose the Qatar 2022 World Cup final to Lionel Messi’s Argentina In the penalty shootout, after a 3-3 draw at the end of the preparatory season. “I would like to see the European teams play the South American qualifiers at the stadiums where we are going. Ah, you’ll see if it’s easy or difficult,” said the Porto Alegre footballer.

It’s Mbappe’s opinion and I can’t change what he thinks


In spite of everything, The Brazilian international resigned because “everyone says what he thinks”. “It’s Mbappe’s opinion and I can’t change what he thinks,” Adi.

Brazil made its debut at the America’s Cup Next 24 vs. Costa RicaIn the Angels, then he will face Paraguay And Colombia, In Group D. After a great season with Barcelona, Ravinia aims to form an offensive trident From the combination of ‘green-Amarillo’ combined with Vinicius genor and Rodrigo.

Five-time world champion is looking for her Copa America Decima in the United States, After signing 2023 let’s forget, With more losses (5) than wins (3), something that had not happened since 1963.

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