Rabiot: “if Griezmann was at his best it would be easier , but that’s not the case and we expect a lot from El”


Rabiot: “if Griezmann was at his best it would be easier , but that’s not the case and we expect a lot from El”

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Adrien Rabiot It is one of the main pieces of Deschamps To play football tomorrow Spain. He is already a Juventus player who talks about the selection of Luis de la Fuente but is convinced that if they show their level they will be in the Berlin final. Very surprising it was, however, His rough analysis of Griezmann’s form.

Deshan system changes: “It’s something more than your problem, there are side problems, it’s complicated for the coach, it’s a little unpleasant to see that everything you work on in training immediately comes out in the press. This gives indicators to the competitor. We are high-level players and we adapt. He has worked on several systems and we know what we need to do in each of them.”

How do Griezmann see and whether they can win without L: “We are all surprised if we take into account Antoine’s qualities and what he did at the last World Cup, where he was undoubtedly one of the best players. I don’t know how to explain it, the test is not good physically. We expect a lot from Antoine, because he is able to do a lot. We can win without Antoine, we have a great team. But it would obviously be easier if he was at his best. But we are with L.”

How I lived the punishments: “I’ve never tested it from the stands , it’s very exhausting. He was very happy.”

How to go to Spain: “It’s the team that plays the best in the euro. They are true to their idea, good players on the wings, in the middle, it is a whole team and have strengths and weaknesses as well. They also allowed us to play a lot and we know what we have to do. France is also forcing the opponent to change his game, and I hope it will be a great semi-final with two great teams.”

About Lamin Yamal: “He is a player who handles pressure well, has quality, plays well for the national team and his club. It’s hard to manage the semi-final, it’s up to us to put pressure on him and he’s uncomfortable.”

About Theo Hernandez: “He has a very important role with us and is a key element. He did a good job in Italy, is the second-in-command at Milan and has played great matches at this Euro. He also knows how to withstand pressure. Suppose he has a simple game that suits us well. He is doing very well in this line of four, and he is also very good in defense. He also cooperates with Killian very well and if everyone puts what they have we will go to the final.”

He lost the final in 2022: “This missing final was very important, it always was, but what encourages us is the competition, we got back there in the semifinals even though there was a lot of controversy about the game, but we are here. Most of the 2022 players are still here , looking forward to lifting another trophy and moving on.”

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