Public Mirror: size matters to Susana Grisso: “I conclude that a big penis is better than a small one”


Public Mirror: size matters to Susana Grisso: “I conclude that a big penis is better than a small one”

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Susanna Grisso This Wednesday was highlighted in ‘Public Mirror’ That there is an element of human anatomy that has occupied and worried all civilizations since the origin of mankind. This element is nothing but a penis. The presenter noted that in 79 BC, the inhabitants of Pompeii represented it as a symbol of protection; that Michelangelo took three years to sculpt David, whose Manly member was small, which is how masculinity was represented; that millions of young people around the world had drawn a penis in a notebook; or that Legendary is the penis parade in Japan, a festival celebrated every year and dedicated to the male genitals. The journalist noted that There are many myths about the penis, Some of which he had refuted with the help of Blanca madurga batuel, A famous specialist in urology has just published a book entitled ‘Everything you need to know about the penis and didn’t you dare ask’.

The first thing the interviewee admitted was ignorance of the existence around the penis. “There is a lot of ignorance about the penis because in general the penis is more a reason for laughter, ridicule or joking than a serious topic. It is a serious problem, just like any other part of the body“, Said the doctor, who was then questioned by Susana Grisso about why the penis worries men so much. “A man associates his masculinity, his strength, his drive a lot with the size of his penis“, The guest replied.

The part of the body that relates to the size of the penis

The host of the ‘public Mirror’ has wanted to find out the importance of the mind in erection. “All that, absolutely all that. If the head is busy with a problem, be it economic, health or a couple. That the penis will not work“, Said the urologist, who revealed what she “prescribes” to her patients when they face this problem: “When you are in the flour, you get into the flour and you forget about the mortgage, children,… You can leave everything so that you can perform in the sexual act“. Susanna Grisso was curious to know what phrase she hears the most in her practice. “The thing is not working. And when they say that the thing does not work, you know what the thing is. It is difficult to pronounce it“, Revealed Blanca madurga.

About 85 % of women are satisfied with the penis size of their partners

Blanca madurga

The doctor explained that penis size matters more to men than to women. “There are jobs that support that. About 85% of women are satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis. However, of these couples, only about 50% of men are happy with their penis. This means that women are happier with the penis of our partners than the men themselves,” stressed Blanca madurga, who confirmed that the size of the penis is related to the size of the nose: “there is work that indicates this. A strange function because Penis size has always been associated with the thumb, hand or foot , but no, the only thing where a correlation has been found is between the size of the nose and the size of the penis“.

Penis, getting bigger and bigger

Blanca madurga stated that currently teenagers and young adults have the biggest penis. “Species are improving in this sense“, Susana Grisso pointed out at that moment, prompting the guest to ask if a big penis is better than a small one. “It’s better, isn’t it? I conclude that yes. They ask me and yes. The idea that size does not matter, I do not believe it. I think this is a convenience for men“, She replied, unable to contain her laughter, Catalan. The urologist took up the topic again and explained the causes of adolescents and young adults who have the largest penis. “First of all, eating habits changed, and later, due to migration and collection flows… The miscegenation is very good“, He argued.

It has not been long since stopped nor on a large scale , but it lasts quite strongly

Blanca madurga

The author of ‘everything you need to know about the penis and never dared to ask’ again spoke about the size after the words of the interlocutor. “Susanna, size really matters to some extent. It has not been long since stopped nor on a large scale , but it lasts quite strongly“, Highlighted Blanca madurga. “The length of a woman’s vagina is 10 cm. Then, at the moment of the part, the child comes out there. But in a state of relaxation It measures 10 cm nothing more. And in the previous third where we have more allergies. In the lower part, where the cervix is located, it is an area that is sensitive but especially to pain. So, an excessively long penis that constantly bumps into this cervix, will cause more pain than pleasure“, The doctor’s verdict. “The fact that a man with a big penis is a very man and gives a lot of pleasure is a myth. Do you know what to do? Forget about the size“, He added.


A reporter asked the urologist how to position the penis when dressing, because some people say that if you put it on, it can, in the long run, hinder an erection, and if you put it down, it can be harmful to the testicles. “Wherever it is located. These are urban legends“, Pointed out Blanca madurga, who defended that a circumcised penis is better than an uncircumcised one: “It is much healthier, allows better cleaning , prevents both penile cancer and cervical cancer in females, and sensitivity is completely no different from the presence or absence of the foreskin“. The expert noted that the penis can be broken. “Young, erections are very strong and at the moment of orgasm they can be broken by simply crashing hard against the perineum for unsuccessful penetration. It’s very worrying , it’s rare, but it has a fix“, He commented.

Things come as they come and sexual activity should not be measured in minutes or centimeters , but should be measured with joy

Blanca madurga

Blanca madurga was against penis enlargement, which is very fashionable nowadays. “It’s short in time, six months. It’s not bad , but it’s ridiculous“, Said the interviewee, who finally talked about teenagers and young adults who resort to Viagra or other drugs to get a permanent erection because they don’t want to be hit by a trigger blow after a night out. “It has the same side effects as if it were taken by a 70-year-old man who needs it occasionally. That means, It’s not bad for your health, but for self-esteem and self-confidence. If a 20-year-old needs to resort to this so as not to fail, what will happen when he turns 40, 50 or 60 years old. Things come as they come and sexual activity should not be measured in minutes or centimeters , but measured with joy“, And it was classified until the very end.

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