Premier League: ‘the end’: Klopp says goodbye to Liverpool


Premier League: ‘the end’: Klopp says goodbye to Liverpool

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The end’. At Anfield v Wolverhampton Wanderers, Jurgen Klopp is closing out his time at Liverpool after nine years as the ‘coach’ of the Merseyside Reds side. A painful addition for the Reds was scheduled by the German coach for January 26. “I understand it’s a shock. I have no problem, but I’m running out of energy. “That’s not what I want, it’s just that I think it’s 100 percent true,” said a technician who left on Saturday afterwards ٪ Promising eternal love to the ‘pool’: “Never run another club in England.”

With his succession already –Arnie Sloat (Feyenoord) to be the next’Reds’ coach, I emphasize the same thing-Liverpool honorably refuses the coach who brought them back to Lite. Klopp is already in the cup haven next to Shankly, Paisley, Fagan, Benitez… Being the one with the highest winning percentage (62%) accumulates out of all of them. “I want to turn skeptics into believers.”, You admit in his presentation a long time ago on October 9, 2015 in which he called himself ‘ordinary’.

The former Dortmund player had the task of rebuilding a team in which winning a cup or entering the Champions League was an exception. Klub was an oasis on his journey through the desert. “When I sit here in four years I hope to get a title. If not, I will have to go to Switzerland,” he predicts.

And I complied after the toll Three losing finals-League Cup (2016), Europa League (2016) and Champions League (2018) – oregona lifted the sixth from the’ pool ‘ in the Metropolitano against Tottenham In 2019. “Many people talk about my unfortunate career, but I never saw him. I feel relieved. I have a lot of silver medals… And now it’s Golden, ” she said after bathing in champagne and sweets in Madrid. An impossible comeback (4-0) in the semifinals against Barcelona at Anfield without Salah or Firmino was the baptism of his red sanctification.

Klopp announces he will leave Liverpool at the end of the season

The fact is that Klopp is a religion both in Liverpool and in Dortmund. The essence of both clubs is sister. His fans share much more than ‘you will never walk alone’. In the mining Ruhr basin and on the industrial banks of the Mersey, the work ethic is non-negotiable. And the German, with his glasses, his hat, his beard and his smile, CAS to perfection being a ‘Scouser’ even more.

Football at full throttle

Klopp took from Signal Iduna Park to Anfield His commandments as the shortest path to success. “I like fast football, turnovers, full throttle. A very emotional and intense gameIt reflects the club and Nico’s atmosphere”. His ‘jigginpressing’ and his ‘rock & amp; Club’ Liege without cutting in Liverpool, but out of tune at the first concerts he gave.

The Reds crushed opponents with their intensity, but conceded a lot of goals. And the German went to the market to promote his idea by signing Allison (62.5 million euros) and Van Dijk (84.6) by building a wall that gave him titles. “We are better at ATRs without killing our essence,” he highlights.

He does not mind selling Coutinho to Barcelona for 135 kilograms to make his team balanced. The fire of MSF-man, Salah and Firmino-was enough to burn the Premier League and the Champions League. “They are priceless,”he said about Tru, on whom he built his legend.

His ‘pool’ was always ‘on fire’. And Klopp was pouring his Mass with the ‘flying wing’ – Alexander-Arnold and Robertson – and the ‘indefatigable means’ – Henderson, Fabinho, Milner…- To end his attack. With less spending than his rivals (941.5 million since his arrival, more than 2,000 from Chelsea or 1,500 from city), Clubfish the necessary pieces to implement his idea.

Klopp’s greatest legacy at Liverpool: his best celebrations

A winning formula that lasts. Before his arrival, the German To replenish its staff by raising Kirby Bradley, Quansah, Jones canteranos…- And the status of “new blood” Such as Louis Daz, McAllister, Darwin, zuboszlai… His legacy is eternal.

Premier League and Guardiola

Klopp, with ups and downs,… A warship. Liverpool began to collect finals (13) and titles (See the diagrams). The most emotional of the eight conquered was the first victory in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic that ended a 30-year drought. “It’s the best I could imagine and more than the nannies dreamed of,”he said.

Guardiola: Klopp is the best opponent I have ever faced in my life

Alerne never sang it again despite the eternal pulses with an already classic city. “They are always Ah. They’re like a pain in the ass. He’s the strongest opponent I’ve ever faced. They forced us to break our borders“Said Guardiola, whose block needed 98 points in 2019 and 93 in 2022! Be a camper on the last day.

It was his duel of the record and he redefined a Premier League that will never be the same again. “Sleep better when we face Liverpool. Jergen is the best competitor I’ve ever faced in my life“, Admitted Pep. The spring decline deprived them of an MS victory in the final tournament, which they will close with the Carabao. An era is ending. Klopp has never walked alone.

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