Premier League: complaints from Liverpool, Arsenal, forest… As the rebellion against VAR in the Premier League is a nod


Premier League: complaints from Liverpool, Arsenal, forest… As the rebellion against VAR in the Premier League is a nod

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Tard VAR to enter the Premier League. He represented Serie A and the Bundesliga in the 2017-2018 season and Ligue 1 and the Ligue in 2018-19. However, it was not until the 2019-20 season when they landed in ‘football’ that they always looked at this technology with suspicion.

“It’s inevitable that it will come,”said the Premier League’s chief executive at the time, Richard Scudamore. English clubs They voted against its implementation in 2018-19 (it was used in the Carabao and FA Cup) and gave the go-ahead for its arrival in the next cycle. “A lot of people are against it, but we have to accept it and move on. We have seen many incorrectly punished situations. “His execution is good,”said former president Mark Halsey.

Since 2019, VAR has become part of the landscape of the Premier League which since 2013-14 has ‘Goal technology’ in goalkeepers. However, in this five-year period, video editing was surrounded by controversy in England. “When we discussed it, my vote was” as long as it was limited to certain key areas. I didn’t realize that there would be so many delays. NOr is it… As we thought it would work”, Peter Coates, Stoke’s chairman, wrote in the Guardian at the time.

A feeling that continued to exist and increased with each long check or error that occurred. The extremes that led to Wolverhampton to request a vote on June 6, at the next assembly of the Premier League , the cancellation of VAR from next season. If 14 out of 20 teams bet on his ‘removal’, then the video referee will disappear from the Premier League in 2024-25. A complete earthquake.

Why do they want to remove var?

“Influence on the celebration of goals and spontaneous emotion”, “Frustration and confusion inside the stadiums due to long video controls and poor communication”,” excess of the original purpose and erosion of the referee’s authority”,” constant mistakes despite the video “and” interruptions of the Prime Minister’s fast pace with long reviews and longer overtime “are some of the arguments for” charging “this tool used by the “Wolves”. Complaints about the technique generate a lot of”rejections “in England due to inaccuracies and”damage to the spirit of the game”.

People have a misconception that VAR will not have flaws, but it all depends on the interpretation and they are still human beings. VAR will not be perfect

Ange Postecoglou, Tottenham manager

“People have a misconception that VAR will not have flaws, but it all depends on the interpretation and they are still human beings. When you set such a high bar on something, it will inevitably fail. VAR will not be perfect“, Claimed Tottenham coach Ange Postecoglou. “We understand that the referee makes mistakes and we can accept that. But when it happens with technology it’s hard to understand. It’s about simplifying things and giving more strength to the faculty. “We trust the car, the problem is the driver,”said Chelsea technician Mauricio Pochettino.

Var? We trust the car , the problem is the driver

Mauricio Pochettino, Chelsea manager

A Criticism trail What to eat this season after A goal disallowed for a foul to sneak to Luis Dazs in the (1-0) defeat of Liverpool at Tottenham’s Anfield Which has not been reviewed. “It was a big human error, physical, clear and obvious and should have led to the goal being awarded through a VAR intervention.”, The board of match officials recognized bagmul’s professional game.

Rabietro Simon Hooper, who was already in the fridge after not scoring a clear penalty for Wolverhampton in their defeat (1-0) at Old Trafford, He was again the protagonist of this action that led to the separation of Darren England (Farr) and Dan Cook (Farr’s assistant).

The Reds made a statement in which they said that” Sporting Integrity has been undermined “and considered the explanations given” unacceptable”, demanding a rematch. And in vain, after what happened, I began to make public conversations from VAR. However, the controversy continued. Quad review (out, foul, hand and offside) In Gordon’s goal, the validation of Stuart Atwell, which caused the defeat (1-0) of Arsenal in Newcastle, turned on ‘Arsenal’ and Mikel Arteta. “It’s a shame. You can’t imagine the amount of messages I get telling me this can’t go on. It’s embarrassing.”, Announced the Spanish coach.

Accused of being from a rival team

The statements of the clubs have been a regular thing this season criticizing the refereeing staff and VAR. Without going any further, Nottingham Forest accosted to Atwell, the referee in charge of the video in the duel that they lost (2-0) to Everton, for being a Luton fan, The club with which he was playing relegated. “We have already warned that the VAR referee is a Luton fan, but they have not changed it. Our patience has already been tested several times. They made three mental decisions, three sanctions were not imposed, which we simply cannot accept, ” they said in their statement.

When all this is over, we will sit down, we will talk about the rules again and from now on we will see how they listen to us, which is also unclear to me.”

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta

Fertile ground that led to Wolverhampton and Premier League clubs holding a referendum on whether or not the VAT rate would continue to apply in the next cycle. Totally rebellious. “It’s something we need to talk about. When all this is over , we’ll sit down, We’ll talk about the rules again and from now on we’ll see how they listen to us , which is also not very clearOr, ” thinks Arteta. The Prime Minister’s debate.

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