Prado loses World Cup lead after two rounds in Portugal


Prado loses World Cup lead after two rounds in Portugal

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El Portuguese Grand Prix It was absolute hell for the drivers of the world championship of Motocross Who had to fight in extreme conditions against the accumulated mud on the Agueda track. And in this scenario, the races were a test of survival in which almost no driver could survive on two wheels. This caused such strange situations as the final result itself with an unexpected victory for the team of Litten Paulus Jonas, which debuted in the Maxima category.

And in those slums, The biggest loser turned out to be the leader of the tournament, Jorge Prado, who was forced to return twice after finding his bones in the mud In the first bars of both sleeves. Prado, who was second in the timed heats, could only be Septimo in the Spado qualifying, while his closest rival Tim jagser took the victory. Things got worse on Sunday with a constant deluge that left the track impractical.

In the first sleeve Tim Jagger wins again after a nice duel with Jeffrey hurlings, Who had to leave because of Avira. Prado went to the floor when he was in fourth place Then he had to stop twice at the pits to change glasses and gloves. So I managed to climb to 14th place, saving some points.

In the second manga Prado does the piercingpicture, while Jagger is located in the same exit. The thing was drawing well, but after a few meters Jorge lost control of his gas gas and was also going to the ground. Since then, the two had to climb out of the last positions, while Herlings won the manga and Jonas won the jackpot. Lucens Termini dudsimo, which makes him lose the lead in the championship.

To climb in Lugo

The red badge is now for jagser with 252 points, compared to 238 from espool, In the rating it tightens in the first positions. This adds to the excitement of next weekend’s race, the Galician Grand Prix in Lugo, where Prado will try to recover and return to the winning track that he led this year and that only bad weather managed to interrupt.

After the great Portuguese race, the World Cup caravan moves to the Galician lands to live The first Galician Grand Prix in history. The expectation is maximum, Jorge Prado runs at home before his fans He hopes to be able to start a comeback to regain his red badge. What seems certain is that there will be a sunny weekend and at the moment this is the best news for drivers.

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