Possible lineups for the round of 36 in Liga e sports


Possible lineups for the round of 36 in Liga e sports

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AThe penultimate day of the 23-24 Liga with the last inter-races that will start on Tuesday in Pamplona (19: 30 hours) and will close on Thursday in San Sebastian (22 hours). Two European places and one landing should be clarified And first of all, awards, numerous prizes at all official competitions of the Movistar Fantasy brand. Pay attention to the courses in all teams and the last hours On Twitter @fantasymarka.

Los rogelos restored moncayola after a penalty kick. David, your neighbor Irma and Kik Barga are still in the infirmary. Budimir, Unai, your neighbor Irma and Moi G. ermez entered the call. It is low by Pablo E. ermez cards. Check out Cinnabar Moriki and Valiant with cards.

Official standings for Osasuna 1-1 Mallorca (Live)

  • Official lineup of Osasuna:

Aitor Fernandez; Ruben pinya, Katina, Herrando Juan Cruz; Iker Munoz, Moncayola, Aimar Oroz; Ruben Garcia, Raul Garcia Jose Arnaiz.

  • The official Mallorca lineup:

Rajkovic; Nacho Vidal, Gio, rachelo, Nastasic, Latu; Darder, Mascarel, morlanes, Danny Ruud oshguez; Larin.

Eggs, with Alaba and chum toss me in the dry dock. The team of Champions is expected to be After the usual league rotation against Granada. The Victorians recover Samu Omorodion after a penalty kick. The injured Sedlar.

Real Madrid-Alaves official squad (live)

  • Official Real Madrid squad:

Courtois; Carvajal, Militao, Nacho, Mendy; Valverde, camavenga, Kroos; Bellingham, Rodrigo, vinches.

  • Alavis official lineup:

Awono; gurusabel, cows, Rafa Mar ocean, Rob ocean Duarte; Antonio Blanco, Guevara; ochlixe Sola, Ioannis Haji, Rioja; Samu Omorodion.

Local residents You can count on Miguel Gutierrez. Stoani, Borja, your neighbor Irma, Joel Roca, Artero and John Saul Ermes are still in the dry dock. Arnau is punished and misses Yann Cotto due to illness. The Yellow has injured Albiol, Gerrard, Foyth, Pedraza, Coughlin, oshirme Pino and Denis soverev. Santi Comesa Irma is back After the expulsion.

Girona-Villarreal official lineups (Live)

  • Official Girona lineup:

Gazzaniga; Eric Garcia, David Lopez, blind, Miguel; Ivan Martin, Aleix Garcia, Yangel Herrera; Tsygankov, Dovbyk, Sávio.

  • Villarreal’s official lineup:

Jörgensen; Kiko Femenía, Mosquera, Bailey, Jorge Cuenca; Santi Comesaña, Parejo, Álex Baena; Traore, Sörloth, Guedes.

All of it is at the disposal of E. oshigo B. ochirez in the building. The visitors, who had already been relegated, recovered Miguel ermengel Rubio after a penalty kick. Sandoval confirmed that Mark Martinez will be in goal until the end of the season. Torrente, Antonio puertas, Ravel Fern ermendez, Uzoni and gozowiak are missing. The last two will not play the rest anymore. It’s definitely Mikel.

Possible alignments of lightning-Granada

  • Possible alignment of lightning:

Dmitrievsky; paleo, Lejeune, Momin, Espino; Crespo, Oscar valent ocean; de Frutos, Trejo, ochelvaro Garc Irma; Camilo.

  • Possible Granada lineup:

Ricard , Rubio, Piatkowski, Neva; pelestri (or milindo), Hongla, Villar, corbiano; Arezzo, ftié.

The locals, without the injured Lamela, Isaac Romero, oshliver Torres, Gudelj and Sue. It is Duda Aku Irma and bad returns back after the penalty. Yellow, without headgear quamé, meroé, San Emeterio, Jos Mar Marie and Luis Hern ermendez. Among the Oso cotton.

Possible lineups of Sevilla-C. ochdez

  • Seville’s possible lineup:

Niland; Navas, badé, Ramos, Kiki Salas, Pedrosa (or Aku Irma); Suso, Sumaré, agumé; Ocampo, en nissiri.

  • Possible alignment of Cadiz:

Ledesma; zaldoa, Chust, Valle, Javi Hearn ermendez; Sobrino, Alcaraz, Escalante, Robert Navarro; Roger Marter, Chris Ramos.

Heavens, without the injured Ristic and Edu. The rest of the full team, germildez called him. The Lions lose Yuri due to the accumulation of reprimands. Yerry and Paredes return after penalty, It’s galarretta after the injury. In the dry dock Nico Williams, Munin, gorozeta and sunset.

Possible lineups of Celta-Sports Club

  • Possible Celtic lineup:

Guaita; mengiza, Unai in ermez, starfelt, Gilson, Hugo ochelvarez; Fran pelter ocean, dami ocean Rod ochegiz; Aspas, Larsen, Pampa.

  • Possible Sports Club lineup:

Unai Seim auchman ; de Marcos, Vivian, Paredes, Leko; P. ermat Prados, Ander Herrera, Unai J. auchmez; Berenguer, Villalibre, E. ermaki Williams.

Gene Reyes, arambari, Mayor, Juan Iglesias and Domingos Duarte were injured in Azulones. Yellow doubt. Los Rojiblancos, with Lemar and Nahuel Molina in the dry dock.

Possible lineups for Getafe Atletico

  • Possible Getafe lineup:

David Soria; Carmona, Gast ocean, Alderete, Diego Rico; Ilex Moriba, Maksimovic, Mila; Greenwood, latasa, oshskar.

  • Atletico’s possible lineup:

Oblak; Azpilicueta, Witsel, Savic, Hermoso, Riquelme; Llorente, Cook, Leno; Griezmann, Correa.

In the Canary Islands are the suspicions of Peroni and synchgraphine. Sergei Cardona returns after serving a penalty and misses Julie ocean Araujo with cards. Los Verdiblancos, sin Chimi auchvila, bacampo and Bartra. Pezella’s not coming. Bravo and Asan Diao are available.

Possible lineups for Las Palmas Betis

  • Possible lineup of Las Palmas:

Ochelvaro Valles; ochelix suzerez, Coco, Mika immermol, Sergi Cardona; Marvin, Javi Moroz, Kerian, loiodis, Mulero; Sandro.

  • The Bettis lineup is likely to be:

Rui Silva; Sabali, Sokratis, Shadi Riyad, Miranda; Cardoso, Guido, fornales; Isco; Willian, Jose, Ayoze.

Local residents restored Montes after a penalty. Ramazani is still being punished (the fourth match). It’s Papa and Radovanovich doubts. Belograna, without the injured Jaffe, Baldi and de Jong. She is also a low-GI ushendogan with cards. Among the Cottons of Araujo.

Possible lineups of Elmer Irma-Barcelona

  • Possible Almeria formation:

Maximiano; Popil, Chomi, oshdegar, sentelis; Roberton, Marcos P. Irma; Vieira Baptistao, Choco Lozano, imerba.

  • Possible Barcelona squad:

Ter Stegen; Condé, Araujo, cobarsí, Cancelo; Firmin, Christensen, Pedri; Lamine Yamal, Lewandowski, Ravinia.

Possible lineups for the round of 36 in Liga e sports

San Sebastian, without the injured Zubeldia, Javi Gal ocean, aihin Mo ermuz, mercolans and Carlos Vern ochendes. It’s Duda zubimandi. The visitors, without the injured Jess Ochs in Oshkosh, Jaume Domenech and diakhabi. Among the cotton is Fran Perez.

Real Sociedad-Valencia possible lineups

  • Possible Real Sociedad squad:

Remiro; Traore, Oates, aretz, Le Normand, Tierney; price, torrents, Merino; Kubo, Andre Silva, barnetxia.

  • Possible Valencia lineup:

Mamardashvili; Thierry, Mosquera, Cinque, yarek; Peter, Javi Guerra, pepelo, can Ermes; Diego El erbez, Hugo Duro.

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Possible lineups for the round of 36 in Liga e sports

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