Portuguese league: there are no more old bosses


Portuguese league: there are no more old bosses

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Those of us who grew up in the heat of the USA ‘ 94 We live in an era where football bosses – See ‘league of Extraordinary Gentlemen ‘from ‘ Movistar’- They thought they were the ‘navel of the world’. Politically incorrect time, Far from the current ‘pencoedismo’… But more fun. Where she will stop.

In memory there is a picture Gaspart bathing in the Thames, Mendoza boats In the bar


Jill whispers on his horse (forced)

, Seal

From the nest with a bust of Lopera

At Villamar ocean… Or the

Exhaustion of the lindoiro negotiations

Waiting to wear down his ‘prey’ even a lot in the morning.

Those were other times. Nights when one slept with

Hope that Garcia crossed the ‘Pressy’ and the coach on duty yelling at each other for more will not be able

. We even attended the layoffs live.
They were changing technicians… Like a jacket. They knew – or thought they knew-more about football than anyone else. The king , in this department, was Silvio Berlusconi.

“People are talking about Milan Sacchi and Ancelotti… When I’m the one who, for 18 years, makes the lineup, dictates the rules and buys players”

, Until he said ‘il Cavaliere’.

An era that ends with the farewell of Pinto da Costa after 42 years!As president of Porto

. He is replaced, oddly enough, by a coach: Villas-Boas. The world is upside down. He is leaving, yes, with

More than 2500 titles in all disciplines, 68 titles in football: 23 Championships, 15 Cups, two champions, two intercontinental…

As I said, there are no old bosses anymore.

Reserve: Adam Wharton

Fourteen matches in the elite were enough for

Adam Wharton (Blackburn , 2004)

There is even talk that he should go to the euro with England.

The left midfielder made palace the second fittest team in the Premier League.

He has a great game changer and plays great in 1-2 touches.

A few pieces of magic from Wiltshire birlo on Saturday.

Adam harton10


# Rovers

— Blackburn Rovers (@Rovers)

August 7, 2023

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