Pettis: Isco will achieve it and achieve it again


Pettis: Isco will achieve it and achieve it again

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Now that he is out of the operating room and the light is no longer on him , because football and what surrounds him is quickly forgotten, a lot, I want to talk about him Isko alarken And his way of dealing with injury. They count in Betis That it is the player who gives NIM to those who approach him The Curse of his luck , to those who ask Dendi pointed out Coconut, For those who didn’t have a bad word anymore,

But a bad idea , for those who tell him, in short,” how could it be ” with what it cost him.
To M, for example, I can’t get out of my head one of the answers he gave me

The interview wasn’t even a year ago

, When everyone thought that he was retired and was working alone in a gym preparing for his return. I asked him about a dream that needs to be fulfilled and he talked about the choice, with a smile and a sparkle in his eyes conveying emotion and conviction. I was touring without a team at the time, working at


From some great professionals and friends who will not leave him alone now either. And yes, Isco in the process of resurrection was already dreaming with Spain. His design was above all. It is impossible not to curse his luck even if isko, undoubtedly from another pasta, is already looking at the front.
Few people thought I could do it, but I did it. Because

Although not in Germany , he made the European Cup roster

. I’m a follower…

Miguel Angel Lara

The last merkul, – s, Da d – this goes to the block. He was called and Isco probably suspected of seeing something

Latest data from the source

, Which speaks best of L. Because with his dream in his pocket, I went out on the field and did not Guard anything, sticking to my feet when many others were hiding it.


He completely escapes from the stereotype of a selfish football player, and every second this season honors the sport he loves by being as good as you can be on a football field: Humble, a good friend, a worker, a magician, a leader…

That’s why in nine months they earn the captain’s armband of one of the most private clubs in the world.

Now the lights that you have worked so hard to turn on and off again, discover the reality of football and life again. What it costs to build and how fast everything can go down per second. It’s his turn to work solo again, overcoming another bump in a career full of (titles) and obstacles and once again convincing everyone that his charm is still intact.

But no one doubts that they will achieve it anymore, right?

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