‘Perfect 11’ by Marcos Llorente that went viral on social networks


‘Perfect 11’ by Marcos Llorente that went viral on social networks

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EAtletico de Madrid player Marcos Llorente, Was eliminated in the last hour to be part of the Spanish selection at the European Cup in Germany, He uploaded a photo On their social media which has gone viral.

The 29-year-old football player is having fun A few days on vacation with his girlfriend Before facing Demanding season What Atletico Madrid has in store.

Especially once by Marcos Llorente

Llorente I’ve uploaded his special starting ten in a personal Instagram account story. But it was not about football players. The red and white player She posted a photo of ten bottles of wine on the edge of the pool.

But it’s not just any wine. In the photo you can see Bottles That’s in the market They have a price of 5000 euros. The total cost of 10 bottles is up to 11,500 euros.

As details, Llorente uploaded the photo of 10 bottles with the message of ‘starting from eleven’. We assume that The tenth component of his eleven was the same.

These are the wines and bottle prices in the photo of Llorente

  • Chto La concilante 2020 (389 euros)
  • Chtou la mission Haute-Brion 2009 (4990 euros)
  • Choteau-Cheval-Blanc (815 euros)
  • Chtho Rayas 2011 (2195 euros)
  • Claus rogaard 2018 (600 euros)
  • Jeffrey-Chambertin-Ki shiogai 2021 (215 euros)
  • Langloir 2020 (75 euros)
  • Comte de Vogue Musigny plan Grand Cru 2018 (1.595)
  • Dom Perignon Vintage 2002 (565 euros)
  • Aigle Auret champagne (84 euros)

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