Pau and Mark’s inspiring work with the Gasol Foundation


Pau and Mark’s inspiring work with the Gasol Foundation

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Last Sunday, during the celebrations Real Madrid Through the streets of the capital, two kids running down the side of Castellana They were waiting for the bus to pass with the heroes while they made the famous celebration Bellingham In his goals. Jude He saw and imitated them from the open coach, a mentor immortalized by his father. When one is a sports star, Speer doesn’t

It doesn’t cost anything to make a child (and his family) happy. To take another step on this path is to use this attitude of prestige, success and fame, a

The role of the social referent

, To try to influence the lives of the little ones.
In it, and in many things Ms,



Marc Gasol

They are inspiring. The

Gasol Foundation

He presented his report on the activities of the year 2023 in his mission of promoting child health and healthy habits. After aters left professional sports activity, the two legends of the Spanish sport are fighting against the childhood obesity epidemic with ahnko with which they were working under hoops. Or the lady.

Amazing numbers

The numbers presented are amazing:


Children and adults participated in some of the health activities she promoted

Gasol Foundation


8,208 people

They were part of the necessary research studies. It is a shortcut to know the health status of the little ones and to draw a landscape where effective measures can be drawn to try to modify the prevailing trend of childhood obesity , a scourge that affects

One in three children

Children and adolescents in Spain and

124 million children between 5 and 19 years old

, According to data from

World Health Organization





And the blessed people of

Gasol Foundation

Led by

Christina rips

She was involved in their mission to

252 institutions and entities

, Just as they used to drag basketball teams to glory, in the national team and in the NBA. There was a time when the usual numbers around them, points and rebounds, and

Achieved Medals

, The episodes they achieved in their great American adventure, the retired shirts… Now they have added to their fight to make the world a better place another wonderful statistic that was marked by their enormous ambition, by their greatness of leadership.



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