Parra is returned in Piraeus and played in the fifth match


Parra is returned in Piraeus and played in the fifth match

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El The collapse of Parra in Piraeus. He was erased from the track, laminated by his rival, worsened to the extreme. The best news is that this is a playoff And like the third game has nothing to do with the fourth game, His hope is that the fourth will not look like the fifth.

Because Barra, in one of the worst performances in its history in Europe, The fourth point will be left in the pavilion of peace and friendship , will have to JAugercello has all the Mercules coming in the fifth game. 92-58 clearly sums up what the match was: Absolute dominance in all aspects of Olympiacos, Who signed his second biggest win in a match The playoffs are behind a 4-8 advantage against Siena in 2011.

Actually the match lasted a quarter, the first. He was the only one in which Parra was in the accident. Ahab, actually forward, 21-23. The following, between the end of this act and the first five minutes of the second, The 17-0 part gave Olympiacos a significant advantage That led to as many as 24 points in the third period. Everything was dominated by red and white.

The people of grimau threatened a sharp reaction, Again thanks to two actions of the abrins, the trio is included. They were placed at 16. But that’s when Papanikolaou appeared And with three three-pointers in a row, he returned control to the Greeks and euphoria to the stands. The para disappeared again and Olympiacos ended the match with pleasure.

118-45 in valoracin concerns what one and another template contributed, Braille Fall, Unstoppable in the first minutes ( 12 points in the first quarter), McKissick, The best player of the game with an excellent performance of 21 points and 28 ratings, and up to Canaan He took the fork out of scoring his first hat-trick after losing 1-0 in a row between the second and third games. Everything was going smoothly at Olympiacos who also witnessed high-quality minutes Milutinov, The author of 8 points and 11 rebounds.

In belograna, absent in the game, only Vesely, 9 points, reached double digits in the rating. The rest, an absolute wreck. The best thing is that this match is no longer important and they will have the opportunity to redeem themselves in Palau.

By the way, Olympiacos will be able to enter the merkul in history. If they win the fifth place, it will be the first team in the history of the EuroLeague to win a playoff series by winning the decisive match away from home.

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