Paco Gonzalez’s brutal response to the president of Asturias, Adrien Barbin: “when the elders speak, you keep your mouth shut”


Paco Gonzalez’s brutal response to the president of Asturias, Adrien Barbin: “when the elders speak, you keep your mouth shut”

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UPeople’s words Paco Gonzalez, The director of the playing time Cup, where it is guaranteed that “Asturias is a society that cannot boast of much“They provoked the reaction of the head of the Principality, Adrien Barbin.

The socialist politician wanted to respond to Paco Gonzalez on his personal account on Tuesday:”We can boast of being humble, hardworking, loyal, with values, supportive people, who carve out their future… And that we are not a few lacking“. “Not everyone can say the same“, Concludes Barbin.

Paco Gonzalez’s brutal response to Barbin

This merkols Paco Gonzalez, from Madrid but from an Asturian family, did not want to miss the opportunity and He opened the program of the European Cup with a speech directed against Adrien Barbin.

“I’ll tell you very clearly, Adrien Barbin. When the elders speak, you keep your mouth shut. Maybe they told you that at school or at home… Well, I’m going to tell you the same thing now. When I used to wipe the snot on the sleeve of your jacket at school, I’m already bragging about Asturias on a microphone for all of Spain. When we talk seniors, will you shut up, okay, Barben?”

“I will not tolerate you once in your whole life to give me lessons about how hardworking or humble people work in Asturias. In your life you will tell me that again as if I didn’t know how people are in Asturias. In your private life, ‘barboncito’“.

When she wasn’t even a sperm, I had gone with my parents for years to four walls that were still standing from one A 20-square-meter Cassina in which my father, brothers and parents live. Eight people in 20 square meters without partitions, without walls… With distributed beds. Don’t talk to me about modesty, about the humble origins of asturians. Never think about telling me about this again in your life

“Now measure what your office measures. And you’ll know what 20 meters is if you put eight people living there. I will not tolerate talking to me about hardworking and modest people. They raised a family of five children. Don’t give me any political demagogy nonsense lessons. Do you keep this one for yourself and the fools who think you’re okay? Did it become clear? I’m sexy, huh? But let’s be very clear, Barben, barboncito…”

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